Backcountry gear is constantly getting lighter, more user friendly and idiot proof every year, and the Jetboil Flash might take the cake for all of these. The compact system ensures that you’re only moments away from boiling water virtually anywhere your travels may take you. The locking system, that essentially becomes one unit, prevents most spills and and reduces risks associate with cooking in adverse conditions. The lighting system is straightforward, so forget about fumbling with matches or lighters. Just turn the gas, click the igniter, and you’re good to go. A colored indicator on the cup even lets you know when you’re water has boiled. I’ve even used the stove as a torch to start a fire- it’s that easy to handle when lit (although I’m not sure if this is a recommended use). I’ve heard of people boiling water on road trips and even while touring (without stopping), it’s that versatile.  With the multiple things that you can’t forget backpacking, this may be at the top of the list. Never be caught without hot water again!

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