Snowbird Tram

Snowbird Tram

Starting next weekend (Friday June 17th) Snowbird will be operating in “Upper Mountain Only” mode. This means you will get one ride up the tram and will have to stay in Mineral Basin or Little Cloud Bowl for the day. If you head back to the bottom it will cost you $10 for another tram ride back up. I am not totally sure why Snowbird is doing this, but I don’t think it will have a big negative effect on peoples skiing fun. You can still go up, shred a couple Mineral laps, hit The Wave a few times off Little Cloud and then hike Baldy for a grand finale.

Mineral Basin Chair

The only bummer is that you can only ski Baldy, or Silver Fox or something off the Cirque once per day without incurring the $10 tram ride fine. Not the biggest deal in the world, but I am not sure why it is necessary. Are they only going to run trams every half hour??? If so, what does it matter if it is my first, second, or tenth ride??? Please remember not to lean you gear against the brand new windows in the tram. They just got all the scratches out and they don’t want us pesky riders to mess them up for the true customers….the summer foot passengers.

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