kt cheryl squaw valley

kt cheryl squaw valley

The final answer is a pretty unbelievable number. People who ski year round still don’t get this many days in a year sometimes.  I got to hang out with Cheryl last night and she is by far the most enthusiastic Squaw skier I’ve ever known.  It’s people like her that make Squaw what it is.  Who else has a group of ski freaks so dedicated to their mountain?  Nowhere, that’s where.

There were 58 guesses and  many great questions for KSL.

Our Favorite Questions for KSL:

Dear KSL, is having and maintaining the most feverish ski community in North America a priority? and will you continue to be committed to the programs encouraging the development of young skiers. -Max

Why am I so much better than all the pro’s on this mountain? -Ronron

When are you going to at least contemplate about opening your boundaries and/or designating BC gates?  -Andrew

KSL, I see that you have bought The Blue Coyote, hopefully the prices and food quality will remain the same. Any new plans for dining options in the village? -Reese S.

Is there any truth to the rumor that there are plans to connect Squaw and Alpine? If so, how do they plan to make the connection with White Wolf being in the middle?  -Rhino

Alright, I can see that you’re wanting us to get to the point.



What’s incredible is that the first 170 of those were CONSECUTIVE DAYS.  Yeah, she skied 170 days in a row.  Cheryl skied every single day that Squaw was open this year and one day at Mammoth last week putting her at 182 days for the 2010/2011 season.

The winner of our contest who will be getting $50 and two Unofficial hats is Nancy E.  She was the first to nail it at 177 and her question to KSL is:

KSL can you please work something out with Troy (the owner of Whitewolf) for spring?

Congrats Nancy!  Helluva year, huh?  Nancy is a perennial squaw ripper and a friend.  Gimme a call and I’ll get you the spoils asap.

We are very curious to learn more about KT Cheryl so we’ve asked her for an interview.  She graciously accepted and we’ll have it up here soon.

What questions do you wanna ask Cheryl? Let us know and we’ll ask her for ya.

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