KT Cheryl Squaw Valley California

KT Cheryl atop her beloved KT-22.

We’ve all seen Cheryl out there ripping the tar outta KT.  We even saw her get first chair on KT once.  I wonder if she ever did that again?  Either way, Cheryl is an important Squaw fixture and one of the nicest locals at Squaw.

There is one question that everyone wants to know about Cheryl:

“How many days do you have this year, Cheryl?”

People wanna know.  It’s coveted information.  It’s arguable the most sought after information at Squaw Valley.  It’s also knowledge that Unofficial is privy to.  Yeah, we feel cool.

HERE’S THE DEAL (read carefully!):


1-  The first person who guesses how many ski days KT Cheryl has in the comments below gets $50 and 2 Unofficial beanies.

2- More specifically, how many days she has as of midnight on May 23rd, 2011.

3 – Contestants are also required to use their creativity to come up with one question they would ask KSL about next year.  So ask it!

4 – This contest will close at midnight on Sunday May, 29th and we’ll declare the winner on Monday, May 30th.

kt cheryl squaw valleyWe are pretty confident this is the one time KT Cheryl got first chair all season.  Good for her!  May 15th, 2011.

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