headwall squaw valley may 18, 2011 powder day

Headwall Face, North Bowl, & The Slot looking EPIC at 8:10 am today, May 18th, 2011.photos: squaw ubercam

This idea was proposed to me yesterday by a heavy hitting Squaw Freak. His idea was that Squaw could open today, May 18th and Thursday with a couple of lifts open. Non-season pass holders would pay $60 for a day pass and season pass holders would pay $50.  Would this work?  Would Squaw make enough money to cover their costs for the day?  Either way, this guy is talking to marketing right now.

the palisades squaw valley powder day may 2011The Palisades & The Chimney looking P-R-I-M-E today, May 18th, 2011.

Ya know, in the old days (and I’m talkin’ as recently as 2006) Squaw was open daily until May 31st.  Now that they are either closed or only open weekends in May, we are missing out on stupid-fun May powder days at Squaw.

the palisades squaw valley powder day may 18, 2011The Palisades.  May 18th, 2011.

Before you even say it, yeah, we know we can hike for it in May.  But, hiking is for chumps and we are Squaw Freaks.

Regardless of what operations are:

There are 23+ new inches of snow on the mountain.

The mountain is looking F$%kin Epic, right now.

Todays high = 32F.

Winds are 0 mph.

Tomorrow is gonna be bluebird with no wind & a high of only 41F.

granite chief peak squaw valley powder may, 2011Granite Chief Peak.  May 18th, 2011

Quick note for Backcountry Skiers today. Avy danger is likely considerable to moderate.  Look at the Fractures in the Palisades.  Be smart out there, Old Man Winter is back and he is NOT f#$king around this year.

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