What to say about Hestra Gloves? Simply, they’re the best, but they do come at a price that’s higher than a lot of gloves out there. The Seth Morrison Pro Glove is no exception to this. The well fitted, warm, and durable Seth Morrison Pro glove might set you back a bit, but it’s worth it. The glove is as warm as any that I’ve used, besides mittens. It’s probably warmer than a few mittens out there in fact. The glove comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to find one that fits your style. The glove also comes in a “three-fingered” model, which is a hybrid between a mitten and a glove. Although the three finger model is a bit warmer, you do lose some dexterity. Whichever glove you choose to go with, know that it’s worth spending a little extra dough for something you’ll likely have for several seasons- as opposed to replacing a cheaper glove every year.

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