deep snow headwall tahoe california

deep snow headwall tahoe california

Before I even start I want to give credit to all the information here to

The UC Berkeley (the Greatest University on Earth) Central Sierra Snow Lab is reporting 599 total inches for the 2010-11 winter.  Squaw Valley is reporting 733″.  Alpine Meadows is reporting 842”.  Which leads to the questions:  Is Squaw fudging the numbers?  Is Alpine smoking crack? I mean really?  Alpine got 109” more inches than Squaw?  Have you people noticed that Squaw and Alpine are on the same ridge-line and are essentially the same mountain?  Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too.


599 inches recorded this winter at the Central Sierra Snow Lab on Donner Summit

12th snowiest winter on record (records began in 1879)

7th snowiest winter in the past 100 years

– This season beat 1995 by only 1 inch

– This season was short of 1907 & 1969 (the winter of love) by only a few inches.

–  5th deepest Snow Pack on record with a snow depth of 17.2 feet (recorded on 3/31/11)

20th wettest winter on record per amount of precipitated water

ullr god of skiing

If we get a few inches in May, that could bump us up to the 10th snowiest winter on record.  Which would be pretty cool I think.  What an amazing winter we’ve had.  I loved it.  I’m exhausted.  I feel like this winter really tested us all and gave us some truly life changing opportunities and experiences.  Thanks Ullr.

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