The Brooks-Range Backcountry Multi-Tool

The Brooks-Range Backcountry Multi-Tool


The Brooks-Range Backcountry Multi-Tool


Are you looking for the perfect multi-tool to add to your backcountry skiing quiver? Brooks-Range has created an offering that fits the bill. It’s not just a solid tool for everyday random jobs, but rather it’s specifically designed for backcountry snow sliders for direct application in the field.

Made from a combination of aluminum and steel the Brooks-Range Multi-Tool maximizes strength and longevity for your buck while also keeping the weight down. Coming in at a mere 6.4 oz (181.45g) this tool packs a lot of use and comes ready with a plethora of devices for just about everything you could possibly think of on a backcountry skiing trip.

Highlights include needle-nose pliers that are good enough to get into really tight spaces coupled with a wire cutter, and teeth for better gripping. The ¼” hex-driver is also of particular interest to the skier and/or splitboarder because you can either buy specific bits you want to use from a hardware store, or just use the #1 and #2 Phillips, #3 Posi-drive bit, Torx T20 bit, or #4 Flathead that’s included. The serrated knife is sharp and extremely functional, while the wrench can be used with 6, 8, 10, or 11 mm nuts. On the end of the tool there’s a bottle opener and also the ability to use the tool as a #9 flathead. Wrap this all up in a durable carrying case that even has a convenient pocket at the back for carrying extra bits (including the bit extender, hex drive drill bit, and awl that comes with your purchase) and you have about as high quality of a multi-tool that you can buy for your all your backcountry needs.

Since I’ve owned the tool I’ve used it for several different projects locally in Tahoe, and while backcountry skiing and camping in Alaska. From tightening boot buckle screws and bindings, to lifting a scalding pot of boiling water off a stove I’ve used my tool much more than I initially thought I would. It’s actually become a “stay-in” item for the brain of my backcountry pack finding its place amongst the other select items I never go touring without.   

The Brooks-Range Multi-Tool retails for about $70 bucks and can easily be ordered online ( or be found at select quality backcountry retail stores.  

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