Last night we received this editorial by a man calling himself Dwight Schrute. Here are his thoughts on our post Resorting to Madness | KSL in Squaw Valley and the newly formed Squaw Passholders United (SPU).

Squaw Passholders United (SPU), is a group of passionate loyal skiers and riders dedicated to representing passholders’s interests through positive, pro-active, and professional communication with the management of Squaw Valley USA and their parent company, KSL.

Thoughts on the Piece titled “Resorting to Madness”

Come on guys really? I mean what are we talking about here? Squaw Valley Passholders United? Seriously??? Let me guess. You guys are gonna meet after every epic powder day right down the hall from the Chess club and across the hall from the Glee club.  Read More…

This sounds to me more like a bitch fest than a legitimate organization. What is your mission? Sit around and complain about how it isn’t fair how you’re not getting your way with your $399 Pass? I watched the video you posted Unofficial. I must say I found it incredibly interesting, ironic in several arenas, and hilarious.

Starting with the “interesting” side of things. The gentlemen speaking in the video brings up many points that I’m sure he goes into great deal if I buy the book/film he is promoting. All joking aside, he does touch on the one point that strikes a chord. The days of the Ski Bum are over. But are any of us surprised? I mean, unless you’ve lived in a snow cave for the past 10 years, which strangely enough I don’t doubt for the majority of the “tie dye crew” (probably founding members of the Squaw Valley Passholderds United as well…), you’re kidding!

Irony. Well, well well. Is it more ironic that as humans we have finally exploited another resource? Or more so that all of a sudden we are concerned about the lifts and resorts that we all have been using, exploiting, and now pretending to be concerned about their environmental impact? Or how about the guy who is writing a book and making money off whistle blowing the ski resorts for also….making money? Or how about the comments posted after this article yelling “Keep Tahoe LOCAL!,” of which I would bet money is written buy a guy who moved out here from the East Coast within the past two years and who will probably be gone within the same amount of time. Or lastly, Unofficial for posting and promoting an organization made up of passholders and using a video preaching the protection of wildlife and local sustainability, while promoting another classic article and POV boasting of how great the new Dawn Patrol program is. Which for $50 bucks is targeted directly at the same out of town economy that is driving the undeniable development of the New Squaw Valley.

Basically, I’m lost. Are we gonna bitch or we gonna do something? Personally, I’m gonna bitch about all the things I just did, and do absolutely fuck all. Except, and not limited to, joining the madness. If ya cant beat ‘em, join ‘em. I live here but I can’t afford nor ever will be able, a house in Squaw. Ya think the development of the Village is gonna change that? I grew up skiing Tahoe my whole life. The evolution of this area is inevitable. I don’t have money, and I never will have enough to fight this fight. So…I welcome the development and exploitation of this area. I hope it brings sweet night clubs filled with smoking hot SF chicks. No more bar flys at the Chammi. Im talking yoga pant wearing, insecure, tight ass and fake breast college sluts. I want martini and lemon drop sipping women looking for a dirt bag with a sick goggle tan they can take home and tame.  After all isn’t that the real ski bums dream?

By, Dwight Schrute

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