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The Line of the Week - Truckee River

The Line of the Week - Truckee River


The Line of the Week - Truckee River


The Line of the Week
Photo’s by Ryan Salm
Skiers –  Jay Sanavage
Location – Truckee River

It’s Snowfest in Tahoe. That means polar bear swims, dress up your poodle, doughnut eating contests, parades and other general silliness. For this week’s, “Line of the Week” we thought it would be good to stick with this festive nature. Many skiers have attempted to ski the Truckee River. A few have been rumored to have made it and the others have just ended up cold and wet in the river. This is one of those attempts.

“Grey skies, flat light, freezing waters…you couldn’t ask for better conditions to realize my day long dream. In hindsight, the pink bathrobe may have been a bad choice.” Jay Sanavage

Check out the video!!!

The Line of the Week will be a weekly photo piece by Ryan Salm featuring some of Tahoe’s finest athletes doing whatever we deem rad. We will be using the term “Line” loosely to describe anything resembling chutes, big airs, pointers or any general madness. All images are the property and copyright of Ryan Salm Photography. For more of Ryan’s work, check out

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