Backcountry Zones: No Name Canyon

Backcountry Zones: No Name Canyon


Backcountry Zones: No Name Canyon


The Womb in No Name Canyon

No Name Canyon is by no means a “go to” backcountry zone. Rather, it’s where you head when everything else is hammered. It’s not that it’s super hard to get to, it’s just a little bit further out (and back) than Four Pines and Pinedale. However, you can almost always find freshies in No Name Canyon, no matter how long after the storm. So, if you’re desperate for the untracked, go a little deeper.

Diving Boards!

To get to no name, do the standard DBP (double boot pack) to the top of four pines. From the top of four pines head as if you were going to Pinedale, but instead of dropping into Pinedale, either hike or drop into the canyon further south.  If you choose to simply drop in I’d highly recommend that you do some sort of inspection, as not everything “goes,” as they say. Alternatively, if you choose to hike and traverse, you’re rewarded with the north facing (as opposed to south facing) aspect of the canyon, which generally means better snow.

A south facing couloir in No Name Canyon

Traversing out can be a bit tricky, as getting too low could mean doing some serious bootpacking/floundering. If in doubt, stay high. The goal is to make it all the way around to the east face and link up with the Pinedale/Fourpines traverse. Like most lines further out in Jackson, it’s always nice to go with someone that knows there way around. Or just have your own adventure…

North Facing Couloirs in No Name Canyon

Google Earth image of No Name Canyon

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