The Line of the Week: "Munchkins" Alpine Meadows

The Line of the Week: "Munchkins" Alpine Meadows


The Line of the Week: "Munchkins" Alpine Meadows


This week’s “Line of the Week” comes from back to back laps on “Munchkins”. First tracks on “M1” and the “Bloody Knuckles”.

Skier and Words: Jeremy Benson

Everyone knows that Alpine Meadows is good for one thing, low angle powder skiing. Over the years I’ve caught a lot of grief from people about how lame the skiing is at Alpine and how I’m a “pussy” for skiing there. The truth is often a tough pill to swallow and I’ve slowly but surely accepted my place in the world as a “Brokeback Meadows” pussy…

While there are plenty of people out there who enjoy skiing at Alpine, there are countless others who have only looked down their noses at it from afar. The truth of the matter is that there is some really great inbounds terrain at Alpine, most of which is just a short ridgeline traverse from the top of a chair. Fresh turns until closing and no liftlines are the primary reasons that I’ve skied Alpine year after year. Not to mention the endless backcountry easily accessed from the resort. Slackcountry, sidecountry, call it what you will. You can get a little taste of everything in the backcountry just outside Alpine’s boundaries.

Occasionally when I’m in search of some low angle slopes to lay down some wiggles I get a little sidetracked. Sometimes I even find myself in some legit big mountain terrain. Lines like these can be the norm at Alpine Meadows and for a handful of open minded rippers who aren’t afraid to miss out on some “good chop” they are.

The Line of the Week will be a weekly photo piece by Ryan Salm featuring some of Tahoe’s finest skiers skiing whatever we deem rad. We will be using the term “Line” loosely to describe anything resembling chutes, big airs, pointers or any general madness.

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