Gear Review: Rossignol Squad 130 Boots

Gear Review: Rossignol Squad 130 Boots


Gear Review: Rossignol Squad 130 Boots


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2009 Rossignol Squad 130

Lange or Rossi, Lange or Rossi? Well folks they are pretty much the exact same boot, minus the colors and graphic. I have personally been riding the Rossignol Squad 130 boot since 2005 and I am a big fan. Is it a real 130….I think not. However, it fits my foot really well and is stiff enough to bend a big ski like the Dynastar XXL. I have a narrow foot with a medium sized toe box and the 97mm last seems to do the trick. It even handles my skinny ass ankles better than most boots. (With a little bonus foam padding.)

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2010 Rossignol Squad 130

There have been several models of this boot. The first was a translucent green and was way softer than advertised. I stiffened it up with a slalom plate. Then came solid green and white model that was much stiffer. The solid strait white model pictured at the top of this page was my favorite. It was super stiff (still a little short of a true 130) and came with a really great stock liner. The newest model pictured above has some of the same issues as the first edition. The translucent charcoal colored plastic seems to be kinda soft and gets really gooey when the temps warm up.

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Here is a demonstation of how this boot performs in powder. I have always used Intuition Custom Liners in my Squad boots and I would suggest the same for you. I will review them in the future.

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