Telluride Terrain Report: Dec. 15, 2010,,Telluride, Main Street, Colorado, Snow, Jared Vincent

Telluride Terrain Report: Dec. 15, 2010


Telluride Terrain Report: Dec. 15, 2010

By,,Telluride, Main Street, Colorado, Snow, Jared Vincent

Main Street and Ajax this morning. Snow beginning to fall!

So today turned out to be a pretty decent ski day when all was said and done! After waking up to zero new snow this morning, I was a bit disappointed and took my time getting up to the hill. The storm that was supposed to roll in last night eventually showed up with some light flurries around 10am and started picking up by the time I made it up to the hill. After lapping Chairs 5 and 6 for a while, the conditions weren’t that great so I decided to go watch some of the World Cup Snowboardcross down in Mountain Village. Today was the Qualifying Time Trials, with each rider attacking the course individually against the clock to advance to Friday’s final races. This was fun to check out for a while, but not nearly as exciting as the final elimination races should be! Look for an event preview here in the morning!

After a tasty Fire Dog from Diggity’s, I headed back up to Chair 5 and was pretty surprised with the conditions. The snow had really started coming down and everything was getting pretty creamy! The temps seemed to have dropped from the morning and it really felt like winter again up top. The light was pretty flat at times but who cares, it was SNOWING! Tomorrow should be a great day, with snow forecasted all night and more terrain expected to open at Chairs 12 and 14. Definitely looking forward to waking up tomorrow! Who knows, maybe we will see the opening of 9 tomorrow as well, let’s keep them fingers crossed!,, Telluride, SBX, World Cup, World Cup Snowboardcross

2X Olympic Gold Medalist Seth Wescott approaching the finish during today’s World Cup SBX Qualifier.,, Telluride, Colorado, SBX, World Cup, World Cup Snowboardcross

Snowboarding legend Shaun Palmer coming into the bottom section of the World Cup SBX course,, Telluride, Top of 5, Colorado, Ski, Skiing, Jared Vincent

Snow starting to pick up at the top of Chair 5!

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