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Surefoot Custom Ski Boot Fit

Surefoot Custom Ski Boot Fit


Surefoot Custom Ski Boot Fit


In this video: Me being attack by a fiendish man-eating deathhound & me getting Custom Bootliners and Orthotics made for my ski boots… the same time.

After complaining of how crappily my boots were performing and the crazy boot bang they’d given me Jeff Pratt of Surefoot in Squaw Valley invited me to come in and get some custom bootliners and custom orthotics done.  I was hesitant, because he keeps a bloodthirsty attack dog in his Surefoot store.  I overcame that fear and figured a few K-9 puncture wounds would be well worth the new setup.

Jeff wanted me to film it to show the world how the process works.  I gladly obliged and went to Surefoot to meet up with him last week.  Professional ski photographer Hank de Vre showed up and filmed the whole thing for us.  Not bad!

Besides Jeff’s dog viciously attacking me periodically, the experience was all positive.  I know have killer custom boots, 7 lacerations, and 16″ of fresh snow at Squaw to rip on ’em in tomorrow!  Can’t Fing wait!!

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