Oakley Crowbar Goggles - Gear Review

Oakley Crowbar Goggles - Gear Review


Oakley Crowbar Goggles - Gear Review


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The Oakley Crowbars are AWESOME goggles! I have been using these things since they came out a number of years ago and still prefer them to anything that has been released since. They are super comfortable, really well made and best of all have a HUGE selection of colors and lens choices!

One of the nicest features of the Crowbars are the Out Riggers for the straps. These provide even distribution of  pressure onto your face and fit much better when wearing a helmet. Another nice feature for Helmet wearers is the longer strap with a grippy, silicone backing. The frames are made of a soft, flexible rubber called O Matter, which will never crack no matter how cold it gets. The fleece covered face foam is a luxurious touch as well!

The lens is the most important feature of a goggle and this is where I think Oakley really separates themselves from their competition. For this season, Oakley has 20 different lenses to choose from, including 4 polarized options! For their lenses, Oakley developed a super strong, impact resistant polycarbonate called Plutonite, which filters 100% of harmful UV Light. They are double layered to reduce fogging and do a pretty good job. You do have to be careful when cleaning the inner part of the lens; it can scratch easy if it is wet inside. I just got a pair of Fire Iridium lenses for my birthday (really awesome gift by the way) and they seem to be the perfect lens for sunny, Telluride days. They are amazing for bright conditions and glare, and are a perfect compliment to the High Intensity Yellow lens, which is the best low light, “storm” lens I have used! If you are investing in a one lens setup, I would recommend one of the polarized options. While being more expensive, they seem to be more versatile and eliminate glare really well.

Lastly, you can choose from a ton of different color combinations, Pro Models , or even create your own custom goggles at Oakley’s Custom Store online. Crowbar prices range from about $90 up to $200+ for some of the Polarized models. Check out the Crowbar and the rest of Oakley’s sick line of products at Oakley.com.

Pick up the Oakley Crowbar Goggle at evo.com.

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