Miller’s Thriller

Miller’s Thriller


Miller’s Thriller


Darrell Miller has been cranking out local snow porn for 10 years now.  Growing up in Jackson, he started playing around with the camera in a high school class.  Now he is known for his skills capturing on film all of the local rippers doing what they do.  This year’s movie, Miller’s Thriller, is a celebration for ten years of Storm Show Studios, a company that Miller started.

The timeline of the film starts before Storm Show Studios began.  There is some great footage of Rob Kingwill, Arden Oksanen and other of their high school classmates hitting some big airs and showing off some pretty amazing skills.

As the movie progresses, you see the start of Storm Show, and you meet a lot of the riders form the years.  They may not be the names you see in the big budget movies, but their actions are well worth watching.  Seeing Mike Tierney ski some line that has never been looked at, or Matt Combs pulling some Hollywood stunt keeps you very captivated. And though interviews, the viewer can understand a little more what is going on in the head of these athletes. It is a great combination of action and understanding life in Jackson Hole.

I recommend this movie to anyone living in, lived in, visited, or wants to visit Jackson Hole.  For that matter anyone that likes to ski, or just have fun. Darrell is not trying to brag about his home.  He just wants to capture the amount of fun he and his friends are out to find.   And he does a great job portraying that with this movie.

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