The Smith I/O Goggle

I’ve been wearing the Smith I/O goggles for two full seasons (Over 200 days) and can’t think of a bad thing to say about them.  The obvious favorite feature is the easily interchangeable lenses.  Changing lenses has never been easier!  I used to dread changing lenses when light conditions would change, and often times would leave the lens that was currently in the goggle frame.  Now, I don’t even hesitate a second, as changing lenses only takes 20-30 seconds.  An additional feature of this lens is the microfiber Porex lens filter that prevents fogging between the lenses.  The inner and outer lens are bonded together by a silicon bead, leaving them airtight, aside from the Porex filter, which keeps moist air out while allowing air to circulate.

I got the chance to go to the Sportworks factory outside of Seattle, and actually saw an I/O lens get cut and bonded to the inner lens.  Below is a photo of a robotic arm grabbing shaped sheets of lens material and cutting them to their correct shape.  The cut lenses are then bonded to the inner lens with a bead of silicon.

A Smith I/O lens being cut

The end result is an extremely functional goggle, that has some pretty cool designs too.  Go to the Smith Optics website to see the entire selection of I/O goggles.