Ajax Peak Controlled Avalanche-Telluride, CO

Ajax Peak Controlled Avalanche-Telluride, CO


Ajax Peak Controlled Avalanche-Telluride, CO


This is some amazing footage of a massive controlled slide from the top of Ajax, set off by the Telluride Ski Patrol. In this clip you really get a feel for the power and magnitude of these things and just how scary they can be. The snow cascading through those chutes sure is beautiful though, from a distance that is! It must have been sweet seeing this from that Heli! Maybe next time Telluride Ski Patrol will let me ride along to capture the action!  😉 Let me know!

For great information on avalanches and snow safety in the Northern San Juans, check out this link about the CAIC.

Here are a few great photos by Eric Limon of Ajax sliding, the Black & White image from 1999 and the color one from a few years later.

Telluride, Colorado, Avalanche, Ajax Peak, Controlled Slide, Unofficialnetworks.com, UnofficialTelluride.com

Telluride, Colorado, Ajax Peak, Avalanche, Slide, UnofficialNetworks.com, UnofficialTelluride.com

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