The GNAR Roadtrip

The GNAR Roadtrip


The GNAR Roadtrip


The Unofficial Game of GNAR started as an idea to film a full game of GNAR so that it could be filmed for a full length documentary. After the first day of competition Squaw Valley Ski Corp shut the game down for a number of reasons. Needless to say, we were all surprised and bummed out by Ski Corp's move. No one felt that a true game of GNAR could be played anywhere but Squaw and Squaw Valley was not going to let us play.

Later that night we got to talking about what to do next. Their was a lot of talk of "What would Shane do?" and "you can't stop GNAR". Then Shane's long time friends, Greg Lindsay and George Hjelte, came up with an plan that almost all the competitors agreed was a good one. Since no one felt a true winner could be determined at this point the $25,000 prize money would be taken and put towards a GNAR road trip that would spread the good vibes of GNAR to other resorts. What was left over would be donated to local charities.


Tyler Boutelle had this to say, "GNAR is on the road! I just had some of the most fun and exciting ski days ever! Some awesome skiing has already gone down along with tons of fruit booting, monoboarding, some BNs and even several epic Saucerboy sightings!!! Saucerboy lives!! We brought the good vibes and fun to Alpine, Kirkwood and Mammoth so far. Everywhere we went people around us were having so much fun as well, high-fives and thumbs up all around. The fun of GNAR is infectious and we're bringing up the stoke level everywhere we go. Did I mention Saucerboy!! I decided to come home this morning from Mammoth, wish I could have kept going. Last I saw the Gnar-Vee's were heading east, stay tuned for more…"


Well, more did happen. We headed across the desert to Snowbird, UT where we got some more rad skiing in and even a official Sickbird nomination by the FWT. Even the mormons seemed to be stoked or at least amused by the GNAR showing.

All and all the Unofficial Game of GNAR did not turn out the way we thought it would but GNAR lives! Over the next few months we will be editing GNAR into a movie which will be better then any other ski movie this year. Hey check me out! Our movie is going to be so much more gnar then yours!

Come by Le Chamois @ 3:00 this Saturday for the Unofficial Game of GNAR wrap up party. Don't worry we talked to Squaw and it is cool. No one is going to get their pass pulled for coming to this party.

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