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Las Leñas 8/20: Dust on Crust + Wind Loaded Couloirs = Fun

August 21st, 2012 by


Las Leñas has continued to receive small top-ups of fresh snow in the past week. While two inches of pow on top of ice may not ski well by itself, there have been some really nice turns to be found in the right wind loaded spots.

This video shows a couple of those right wind loaded spots – Icaro and Hourglass. Riders are Matthias Weichelsbaumer, Jordi Tenas, Txema Trull, and Alejo Sanchez. Thanks to Matthias for the POV footage.


Looking forward, Las Leñas should be receiving snow this Wednesday and Thursday (22nd and 23rd). Friday is supposed to be clear and windless, so it could be an all-time day. It is hard to put much stock in that report however, since we have been forecasted to receive snow every single week for the past two months, and haven’t seen any of it. Days 0 - 3. Days 0 – 3. Days 4 - 6. Days 4 – 6. Days 7 - 9. Days 7 – 9.

Alto Polvo on the South Wall | Las Leñas Stoke

August 20th, 2012 by


In keeping with the One Run in Las Leñas pattern, here is one run in Exocet on the South Wall with Eike Poeppi. This was shot on July 24, which was probably the best day of the season thus far. Riders are Eike Poeppi and myself. Nice one, Eike! Alto polvo, alto polvo.

Bariloche Shred: Session Uno with SASS Global Travel

August 18th, 2012 by


This edit is a recap of the first session of riding around Catedral, Bariloche with SASS Global Travel. Riders featured are Skylar Holgate, Andrew Burns, Nicki Slechta and Chris Coulter. Make sure you stay till the end for an education in riding big lines at high speeds from Mr. Holgate. Thanks for showing a line that takes longer than 10 seconds to ride, SGT!

SASS Global Travel runs freeride camps out of Bariloche, Argentina every summer. If you’re looking for an easy and awesome way to ski South America, check them out.

Magic Mushrooms in Las Leñas, Catalan Style

August 17th, 2012 by


This video, edited by Adrià Millan, shows a number of variations in a zone called Amanita Phalloides (aka Deathcap Mushrooms) in Las Leñas. Riders are Adri, Txema Trull, Jordi Tenas, and Pau Bardajì. The tunes are good, the skiing is good, you watch, you like. Good work boys!


For some more stoke from Las Leñas this season, be sure to click through the rest of Adri’s videos on his Vimeo page.

Las Leñas Update 8/16: Mediocre Snow and the Truchería

August 16th, 2012 by


This video features a little bit of mediocre powder skiing from today, and a visit to the Cuyam-co Truchería in Malargue.  Thanks to Matthias Weichelsbaumer for the POV footage. Warning: this video contains footage of a dead cow. So if you see cows as friendly friends rather than tasty treats, you might not want to watch.


Cuyam-co is a trout farm and trout restaurant located on the outskirts of Malargue. There is very little to do around Las Leñas on down days, but the truchería is highly recommended and well worth the trip. They serve an impressive array of trout dishes: trout mayo, trout paté, trout bread, trout pancakes, dried trout, and even full trouts.


The conditions in Las Leñas have been mediocre at best recently. In the past couple weeks, we’ve received a lot of gray windy days, a few light dustings of fresh snow, and almost no deep pow or sunny days. We also seem to be more or less missing the storm that is hammering other areas in the Andes. While Portillo is reporting over a meter of fresh already, our storm is being downgraded lower and lower, and we’ve only seen a couple inches out of it so far.


We are still forecasted to receive snow tonight and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday the 16th and 17th), as well as another storm next Tuesday through Thursday (August 21 – 23). Hopefully one of these snow falls comes through for us, because skiing hard snow in gray, windy conditions is getting old.


Days 0 - 3.

Days 0 – 3.

Days 4 - 6.

Days 4 – 6.

Days 7 - 9.

Days 7 – 9.

Brothers on the Run Episode 8: Perfect Waves in Baja

August 10th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image


In this episode of Brothers on the Run, the Jacksons make their way down the Baja Peninsula, surfing as they go. No snowboarding in this episode, but there is some really solid surfing stoke.

This episode also contains some random mishaps and encounters to round out the story line. They pick up a friendly surf bum on the side of the road. They also manage to get their truck stuck everywhere: various dirt roads across the Baja, and inside a parking garage which their vehicle was too tall to enter. To be honest, it is hard to believe these guys can pull off this road trip – they have not looked very travel savvy thus far.


Check out the past few episodes of Brothers on the Run: Episode 7     Episode 6     Episode 5

Las Leñas Update: Dust on Crust Marte Powder Day

August 9th, 2012 by


Tuesday evening, Las Leñas received a completely un-forecasted mini-dump. It snowed HARD for a few hours, and we ended up with about 6 inches of fresh snow on the mountain.

This light dusting just barely hid a lot of the sharks, and made for some classic dust on crust conditions. But, a Marte powder day is a Marte powder day, and there were a few really great turns out there. This snow fall was just what we all needed to keep us satisfied until the next storm arrives.

It looks like that next storm will be hitting us next week: Tuesday the 14th through Thursday the 16th. It is shaping up to be a big one – over 50cm forecasted up top. It’s still a week off, so far too early to be counting on it, but it certainly looks promising., Days 0 - 3., Days 0 – 3., Days 4 - 6., Days 4 – 6., Days 7 - 9., Days 7 – 9.

Las Leñas 8/6: Making The Most Of It

August 6th, 2012 by


Conditions are not ideal in Las Leñas right now. Apart from a few one inch refreshes, we haven’t had a good storm in a few weeks. The wind has really worked the snow over in most places. Things are pretty firm out there.

However, it’s not all bad. There is still a decent base, and everything is pretty filled in. Skiing hard pack is better than not skiing at all. We’ve been getting out there and exploring some new lines, and generally making the most of it.

Plus, Argentinians know just what to do when ski conditions aren’t the best: party! Actually, come to think of it, they do a lot of that when the conditions are good, as well.

Looking forward, it appears we may get some snow on Friday the 10th, and there is a more significant storm off in the distance for Tuesday the 14th. Hopefully we’ll get that refresh we desperately need from one of them!


Days 1 - 3, Snow-Forecast

Days 1 – 3, Snow-Forecast

Days 4 - 6, Snow-Forecast

Days 4 – 6, Snow-Forecast

Days 7 - 9, Snow-Forecast

Days 7 – 9, Snow-Forecast

Two Takes on a Marte Powder Day | 7/24

August 2nd, 2012 by


This video, filmed and edited by Matthias Weichselbaumer, shows his runs and experiences on the amazing Marte Powder Day on 7/24. Not only does it contain some fantastic footage and fun times, but it also shows a different take on the day when compared to my video from the day. I thought it would be interesting to see our days side by side. I was first chair and Matthias was second (behind all the guides and clients who cut the line 5 seconds before Marte opened, of course), but we chose different lines all day long. Watching his video, it looks like Matthias’ day was every bit as good as mine!


My day.

The Past Week in Las Leñas: Cerro Martin and The Office

August 1st, 2012 by

While conditions have taken a turn for the worse recently here in Las Leñas, the past week has provided some really good skiing. Here are two videos that Matthias Weichselbaumer filmed and edited to prove it. One features a couple runs on Cerro Martin, the other a day in The Office. Plus, you get to see me look like an ass and get a bloody face.

There isn’t much soft snow left in Las Leñas, and it is cloudy today, so corn skiing isn’t an option. Until it snows again, it’s time to go hiking and explore new lines.