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Big Sky FWQ Stop | Result, Photos, Rundown

  Big Sky, Montana Subaru Freeride Series     All Words and Photos: Diane Harrington Big Sky, Montana was the third and final stop of the Subaru Freeride Series here … Read More

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Headwaters Spring Runoff Comp Highlights 2014 | FWQ 4-Star Next Week!

For all you freeriders out there making the the trip to Big Sky, MT later this week to compete in the 4-Star FWQ event here is a little sample of … Read More

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Freeride World Qualifier Athlete Profile | Alex Riedman

Alex Riedman Where did you grow up skiing? Seven Springs, PA near Pittsburgh Where is your home hill now? I ski a lot of backcountry around Crested Butte, as well as … Read More


Snowbird Freeride World Tour Stop | Photo Tour

Snowbird FWT Photo Tour | Photos: Diane Harrington The venue: Silver Fox  

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Crested Butte Freeride World Qualifier Results

The first stop of the Subaru Freeride Series in Crested Butte, CO finished up yesterday with amazing lines being carved down the Big Hourglass Chute area in fantastic powder conditions. … Read More


Subaru Freeride Series Stop #1 Crested Butte, CO | Day 1 Results

Day One of the Subaru Freeride Series 4-star FWQ event started off with a bang today in the Staircase Area at Mt. Crested Butte in colorful Colorado.  Female skiers dropped … Read More

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FWQ Ski/Board Double Trouble | Casey Lucas & Katrina Devore Profiles

This years Crested Butte event will feature snowboarders as well as skiers.  When it comes to Freeride competitions skiers and riders get along more like peanut butter and jelly than … Read More

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Hometown Advantage? | Tom Runcie and Randy Evans FWQ Bio

In todays media filled world there are a small group of skiers that get the lions share of the spotlight. They star in the movies, they can be seen in … Read More

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23rd Crested Butte Extremes is Next Week | FWQ Stop #2

The Crested Butte Extremes comp is turning 23 years old next week. This historic Michael Jordan birthday signifies the continuation of the original badass freeride comp. Long an independent event … Read More

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4 Star Freeride World Qualifier @ Crystal Mountain, WA | Results and Highlights

The first 4 Star FWQ event went down this week at Crystal Mountian, WA. With difficult snow conditions and rough light competitors went for it on “The King” starting Wednesday … Read More

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Scrapple Trailer – “A Ski Bum’s Easy Rider.”

Scrapple Trailer “This is the original trailer of the feature film I directed in Telluride, Colorado. We shot principle photography in 26 days in the fall of 1996, edited at … Read More

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Josh Daiek and Courmayeur FWT Stop | Freeride World Tour Profile and Preview

Josh Daiek embodies the Aspen Extreme dream so many skiers have had at one point or another in their life. He grew up in Michigan, somehow fell in love with … Read More

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East Vail Avalanche Fatality | Tony Seibert Tribute Edit

I have absolutely no new information on what happened at East Vail yesterday, other than that the person killed was Vail local Tony Seibert. I am deeply saddened to hear … Read More

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How To: Compete on the Freeride World Tour | by Griffin Post

If you are a TGR fan and have watched their last few movies the name Griffin Post should look familiar to you. Griffin has been scoring bigger and bigger segments with … Read More

The big red box at Jackson Hole

Top 5 Ski Resorts in USA | Forbes Magazine

What the hell does Forbes Magazine know about ski resorts?  We aren’t exactly sure.  That said, they picked some good spots.  UnofficialNetworks has locations setup at the top 4 of … Read More

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Classic Post: Jacob Wester’s Massive POV Backflip in Telluride, CO

Jacob Wester’s Massive POV Backflip in Telluride, CO   While on a backcountry trip through Telluride, CO, Sweden’s Jacob Wester gives us a first-hand look at a 100-foot backflip off … Read More

Pat Sharples History of Freestyle

Hilarious History of Freestyle Skiing Video from a Funny Sounding Brit

It appears as if this video was entered into some euro Oakley video contest by a group of Brits a few years back chronicling the history and progression of freestyle … Read More

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Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough Rocking it on Old School Tele Gear | Good Times Video

Check out the skills of tele skiers Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough on some really old school tele gear! See more at their site Intro by Paul Kimbrough Remember the … Read More


New Ski Area Proposed Near Telluride

Colorado real estate broker Tom Chapman (AKA Tom “What a Douchebag” Chapman) and his business partner Ron Curry are planning on opening a new ski area near Telluride, CO. The two … Read More

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Unofficial Beer | Budweiser To Release Project 12 Beers

It was announced today that Budweiser has finally announced what three beers will debut in the Project 12 series on October 29.  A deep-amber lager, a deep-golden pilsner, and a … Read More,,Unofficial Gear Review, ICE USA ski poles, ICE USA, best ski poles, Telluride, Colorado,

ICE USA Ski Poles- The Greatest Poles You Can’t Buy

ICE USA ski poles are probably the best poles ever made. Unfortunately, the company is long gone and they are pretty hard to come by now. I have had mine … Read More


Improved Snowfall for the Rockies this Season? | It’s Snow Dance Time!

Last ski season had a promising start with an early snow storm that hit Colorado in October of 2011, unfortunately there wasn’t that much snow after that and Rocky Mountain … Read More

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Unofficial Beer | Scotland’s BrewDog Releases ‘Performance Enhancing IPA’ | Makes Fun Of Hypocritical Sponsorships in the Olympics

This past Wednesday Scotland’s now infamous BrewDog brewery chain announced that they will be releasing a new beer just in time for the Olympics!  Never Mind The Anabolics is a … Read More

Telluride trail sign

Police Investigate Trail Sign Theft at Telluride

The Telluride Police are investigating the theft of a dozen trail signs valued at $300 apiece. Resort officials discovered the thefts of the trail signs over the July 4th holiday and believe that … Read More

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

Unofficial Beer | Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

After a six week hiatus Unofficial Beer is finally back on your screen.  And hopefully we can get you thirsty again.  This week’s post is just a blue collar beer … Read More


Wild Fire Timelapse | Colorado Springs, CO

Skip to 7:00 for the goods Here’s a timelapse of the devastating fire that ripped through Colorado Springs. The Waldo Canyon fire was the worst fire in Colorado history destroying 347 homes … Read More