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GravityLight: Light Powered By A Sack Of Rocks!

GravityLight is a revolutionary new approach to storing energy and creating illumination. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating 30 minutes of light on its descent. For … Read More

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How To: Properly Plan A Backcountry Tour

“A well laid plan is the best prevention when it comes to traveling in avalanche terrain. This video explores reading an avalanche forecast, using maps to plan a ski tour, … Read More

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Skiing A Dream Line In La Grave, France On The Völkl v-werks BMT

In search of fresh powder, great adventures and unforgettable moments the Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross and Stian Hagen decided to move south from their base in … Read More


Maxxtracks = Probably the Coolest Thing You Can Buy For Your Deer Valley Basement.

 Forget about the NordicTrack, Maxxtracks is where it’s at. Who wouldn’t want one of these things in the basement of their Deer Valley Home?  Maxxtracks is the premier brand in skislope simulators. … Read More

Goal Zero

Sherpas Cinema’s Commercial for Goal Zero is Worth Of A Watch

“There’s nothing easy about pulling off a quality production in the outdoors, especially in the most extreme environments in the world. Sherpa Cinema, a boutique production house based in Whistler, … Read More

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Classic Post: The Loop N’ Poop™

The Loop N’ Poop™ (formerly the Strap and Crap) is a patent-pending device that helps lessen the chance of messin’ your pants when participating in outdoor activities. -  [Thanks SnoCru!] 


Bill Cosby Buys Boots and Goes Skiing | Hilarious!

Bill Cosby talks about buying ski boots and going skiing from the album: Oh Baby! 1991 [source: by Tronski on reddit] Part 2

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Totally Disposable Cardboard Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

In this month’s Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal crew set out to make a snowboard out of a product that is basically built to fail—paper. Paper has … Read More

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Volkl Goes Carbon With V-Werks Katana

The good people at Völkl are calling the  V-Werks Katana “The World’s most technically advanced big mountain ski”. They go on to say that, “Lightweight technology reduces weight by 15 percent, … Read More

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Preview: 5 Of The Best Powder Skis For 2015

2015 Ski Preview: 4FRNT Devastator Freeskier brings us a look at 5 of the best 2015 powder boards.  2015 Ski Preview: Atomic Bentchetler 2015 Ski Preview: Dynstar Sham 117 2015 Ski … Read More

Downhill Racer

Which Ski Brand Wins The Most Races? See Rankings By World Cup Points

Which Ski Brand Wins The Most Races? See Rankings By World Cup Points This Season. Rank Skis Racers Wins Top3 Points Pct 1 43  15 41  8095 23 % 2 … Read More


How Cool Is This Electric Snow Machine Thing

The 100% electric MTT – 136 is a lightweight winter workhorse that can tackle a countless amount of winter projects. You can charge this sucker in 15 minute to 8 hour depending … Read More

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Clear Your Driveway From Your Kitchen With This Remote-controlled Droid Snowplow

Tired of shoveling your driveway? Check out this remote-controlled snowplow built by Superdroid Robots. The six wheeled droid snowplow is powered by six 24-volt 127RPM electric motors that push a 52-inch-wide blade. The … Read More


Black Diamond’s “Jetforce” Has Revolutionize Avalanche Airbag Systems | Find Out How HERE

Black Diamond Jetforce Airbags “The Black Diamond Jetforce Airbags were the darling of the trade shows this winter. Black Diamond completely rethought the airbag, and introduced an innovative technology that … Read More

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This Specialized German Weaponry Launches Snowballs At 76 MPH!

Don’t Get Caught In A Snowball Fight Without This Specialized German Weaponry A “The Slingshot Channel” production! Link to shop: http://www.the-slingshotchannel-store…

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Chris Benchetler Reveal Re-designed Bent Chetler Ski for 2015

Chris Benchetler reveal his re-designed Atomic Bent Chetler ski for 2015. “We’ve taken rocker and expanded its horizons, the ultimate design for powder. Without increasing swing weight, we have added … Read More

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$500 Gets You This Pocket Sized Drone

$500 Gets You This Pocket Sized Drone “The Pocket Drone is the personal flying robot that enables anyone to capture amazing video and photos from the sky. The year 2014 … Read More

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Lift Touring Baskets = New AT Specific Ski Pole Baskets

Lift Baskets is a new company that is building AT specific ski pole baskets. We all know what a pain it can be on a cold winters morning when you can’t … Read More

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Opedix Men’s KNEE-Tec 3/4 Tights | Unofficial Gear Review

When it comes to compression clothing and high tech underwear I was a non-believer until trying the new Opedix KNEE-Tec 3/4 Tights. I have been using these little gems for … Read More

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Panda Poles Presents: The Panda Lurk

  With possibly over 8,000 years of use, and after almost a century of fading into the relics of history, Panda Poles would like to reintroduce to you, our take … Read More

duct tape

The Story of Duct Tape And How It Fixes the World []

Duct Tape is widely known to skiers as a must have tool for any backcountry adventure but where did it come from, what is it made out of, and how … Read More

ski boots liners

Custom Ski Boot Liners | Which One Should You Buy?

Conformable VS. Intuition I should start out by saying that either of these products will be a 100% improvement over the stock liner that comes with your boots. Each product … Read More

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The Best Backcountry GPS []

We turn to to get the skinny on the best backcountry GPS. Why the Simple.‘s staff spend hours on research, interviews the world’s most knowledgeable experts and conducts extensive testing to find THE very … Read More


And The Winner of the Dream Gear Giveaway Is…….

Last week our Unofficial Dream Gear Giveaway came to an end and today we are announcing the winner! After receiving thousands of entries we chose a winner at random using And The Winner Is….. … Read More

Eric Bryant Skiing Backcountry Powder

Classic Post: Sidecountry Skiing Essential Equipment | 10 Items YOU Should Have

Sidecountry Skiing Essential Equipment | 10 Items YOU Should Have 1.  BCA Tracker DTS Beacon If your thinking about heading outside the gate, even for a quick minute, you need … Read More


Unofficial Networks Dream Gear Giveaway

Unofficialnetworks is giving you a chance to win that ultimate piece of gear your have been dreaming about. To enter you just need to submit the URL of the piece of gear you have been dreaming about. On December 4th we will pick one lucky winner.