Inside Edition Investigates Pot Smoking Skiers


“On January first of this year, marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado. If you go skiing there this year, you may smell the distinctive scent of weed. However, the people getting stoned on the slopes may be breaking the law and putting other people at risk. Paul Boyd reports.” – insideedition.com

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  • Anonymous

    Wow… I am now waiting for the inside edition on the affect of alcohol on skiing. Which people don’t have the courtesy to go into a “Booze Shack” to drink. Every ski resort has smoke shacks and if you knock them down people will rebuild them. The use of these smoke shacks has been going on since the resorts started. It was a good place to go so you don’t make the tourists uncomfortable. But hey if you want to destroy these smoke shacks common courtesy will die off.

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  • Big ol Bong Hit

    Vail resorts SUCKS so bad!!! I will go out of my way to poach every day all day on all their mountains this winter… how? you ask, well of course by offering the liftie a little nug, works every time!

    And dont worry about Leo’s shack, Vail has seriously underestimated the focus of stoners when it comes to getting stoned… for every Leo’s they blow up there will be two more constructed next summer… cuz getting high while building a smoke shack is almost as fun as riding while stoned!!!


    Fuck inside edition, what a joke mainstream media is

  • Frank

    . I have been skiing for 32 years and have never never ever sen anyone actually smoking weed at a ski area, whether in a smoke shack, on a lift, or in a gondola! It’s absolutely horrific what this legalization has done to the state of Colorado!…..hehehehe

  • Anonymous

    Marijuana actually became legal the day the Proposition 64 vote was official. It only became legal to buy it at recreational shops on January 1st.

    Inside Edition doesn’t even bother to fact check the first sentence of their report.

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  • Ken Deeds

    LOL, maybe you should cover how much booze ski areas put in skiers stomachs before they go up chairs and break their legs.

  • Notapotsmoker

    I don’t smoke, but I do snowboard pretty well and to be honest those to Momos you guys filmed sucked way before they hit that J.
    I’ve seen way more drunken ski and ride Injuries than ones caused by weed… and way more injuries caused by Douchebags that ride way beyond their abilities than drunk and stoned put together.

  • Stoneboarder

    Yah man, sounds like they are reporting on Afghanistan or some shit… “After BOUNCING down these moguls and GLIDING through these trees we found the shack…So I went in…”

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  • Alan Moore

    Wow – what a lame report. News flash… this has been going on way before it became legal. Sheeesh…

    And of course – I’d like to see them follow some drunk tool try to ski.

    Get a life!

  • Pat Swellski

    Wow! You guys at Inside Edition are complete idiots. Almost as dumb as Vail Resorts for destroying a hut that kept locals from burning in front of tourists and on the lifts. Those snowboarders were falling because they suck at snowboarding. And for the doctor at the end, when someone is stoned 24/7, then they will be stoned when they get hurt also.

  • Robin

    I didn’t even have the attention span to make it through the advertisements before the video… because I was high.

    Boo hoo.. people smoke weed everywhere.

    You know what is a real FUCKING concern? How many people walk around in public with butt plugs in. Seriously, it’s a problem. Let’s focus on that.

  • Albert "ras" Hoffman

    Marijuana definitely changes your perception when you ride. But so does LSD… and I ride on LSD all the time. I would say it changes your perception for the better (so does little old pot).

  • Leo's hut ALIVE !

    Leo’s hut is alive and well. Rumor’s on this forum about its demise are false. I stopped by and got some pics this morning in case it does get actually get destroyed.

  • Hates inside edition

    New reports are supposed to report news, not bullshit. This story is inaccurate and follows some stupid people. This does not represent the majority only gives bad publicity. This sucks

  • McShred

    If I smoke and ski, kayak, or mtn bike, etc.. it does not make me better at that sport. So… I prefer my sports without being high. Although, I have been known to carry a flask of Irish water around to stay warm and loose! I can still rip, and the people that hot box the ganjala that I ride.. still rip. We should really be cracking down on shitty skier and boarders. Maybe they should do an inside edition report on bad skiers/boarders. Whether you are high or drunk or completely sober; all dangerously out of control patrons should be directed to ski in one area of the mountain. We will call it … Gaper Mache.

  • PM

    Good Bye Leo’s; joining the memories of the others that have come and gone as well. The mountain has destroyed it and all that remains is a pile of wood. Leo’s had a great run but its end was inevitable and accelerated with this report.

  • Anonymous

    That was very convincing empirical data on the effects of marijuana and skiing. Clearly the did a comparison of how they snowboarded prior to getting high & their skills after getting high to rule out the fact that these kids might just suck at snowboarding.

    Journalism at its finest.

  • Nick from ski hill rd Breckenridge

    I cannot believe that SUCH A SHITHOLE news source would think that they are capable of telling this story to the masses. you send a few reporters here from who the hell knows where, and immerse them into ski culture and expect them to understand and mesh into it. i can tell you right now that 99% of LOCALS WHO LIVE HERE YEAR ROUND will watch this video and be DISGUSTED.

    this is media control at its best, trying to make it seem like smoking some weed is more dangerous than drinking any amount of alcohol. its ironic to me that you took the time to send a level 1 skier, who had no business in the trees on peak 10, to find someone smoking weed, but you didnt go up to any of the bars and take note of how many people ordered a round of shots, slammed them, and continued to ski. not to mention how many people were pulled over and charged with DUI or DWI since the legal limit for LQ has been lowered to a 0.05%.

    do yourselves a favor and EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

    the only thing this video accomplished was destroying a piece of ski history that can never be replaced. that was a landmark in this town for decades and now it is nothing but a charred mess of IGNORANT ASSHOLES DREAMS TO RETURN WEED TO AN ILLEGAL STATUS.

    if you want to do a real story, inside edition, why dont you man the fuck up and come back and tell the story about how this pot loving town has not only made ski culture what is it today, but has permanently imbedded itself into the lure of this amazing sport and NOT FUCKING FOCUS on the miniscule trials of OLD CONSERVATIVE WHITE PEOPLE who are the true cancer of this county anyway.

    THIS VIDEO AND ARTICLE HAVE ME LIVID!!!! LEAVE IT TO VAIL RESORTS TO FUCK EVERYTHING UP!!!!! they are the only corporation who cares more about appeasing the masses rather than staying true to how things should be.

    shit my dick out pussy

  • Breck

    As a local out of Breckenridge all I can say is thank you guys so much for this report. Leo’s was torn down a few days ago. Leo’s was not just a smoke shack but also a place to get away from everything and relax. It was a part of Breckenridge’s history. Thank you for going and ruining it for everyone.

  • Inside Edition

    We at inside edition thank you all for cooperation. Without you, our non-riding staff would have never been able to find any of those locations we hid cameras to expose this plague. Now we need volunteers for our next hard hitting report….BLOWJOBS AT STRIPCLUBS! We need someone to wear a GoPro while they get a BJ from a girl who’s “working her way through med school”

    The line starts here…

  • baker local

    yeah, its super dangerous up here in Washington state too. Stoners just slamming into everything and everyone up here. Everyone STAY AWAY FROM WASHINGTON STATE MOUNTAINS!! it is VERY DANGEROUS. You will probably DIE if you come ride the ski areas OR the backcountry here….. WAY too much pot being smoked. It is just SO out of control and DANGEROUS!

    • Anonymous

      This is so true. It’s especially deadly in the backcountry, or really anywhere off the groomers. Washington State should be avoided at all costs by anyone who watches Inside Edition.

      • Anonymous

        I was just out at Snoqualmie Pass and I thought it was foggy, but the locals said it was a massive cloud of pot smoke. So scary. These reports about Washington State skiing being hazardous are dead on. Stay away, people.

  • snowboarders do not represent the ski community and vice versa

    How about placing some hidden cameras in the back rooms of congress or the Koch brothers mansions and bringing us some REAL news?


    I snowboard better when I’m high and way better than anyone that’s drunk… I snowboard better high than all you fucking skiers that are sober

    • Pat Swellski

      The only people that say stupid shit like that are the ones that suck but think they rip. SHRED GNAR must be one of the gapers at the end of the video.

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