A few easy reasons that Snowboarding is cooler...


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Top 8 Reasons Snowboarding Is Cooler Than Skiing | Pizza This!


A few easy reasons that Snowboarding is cooler…

8. Yardsales?

Nope! Nothing like skiing. We might loose a glove from time to time, but not two skis and two poles after a semi hard fall. How’s it going down there in at the bottom of the hill poking around looking for your ski which had a “defective brake”?

7. This Photo:

This epic photo is from a ‎’92 Snowboard Magazine poster titled “Etiquette” with Mark Fawcett. It is of a snowboarder trumping a skier.

6. Bowl Boarding in Japan

While skiers in Japan were busy doing the same thing they do everywhere else in the world, riding slopes, the Japanese snowboarders changed it up. No matter where on earth you make your moguls, they will always be the same silly mounds of snow, snowboarders how ever built their own skateparkesc bowl to shred. It’s really no surprise though, snowboarding has always been about originality and diversity, super sick as usual…

5. Image

Lets be honest, when someone tells me they are a skier, I imagine them out with their family doing some turns then cuddling up beside the fire around 9:30 before going to bed. If they look anything near athletic, the common person automatically associates them with ski racers. I mean, who knew there was such thing a freestyle or park skiing anyways? Snowboarders how ever are a different story. As an athlete taking part in a sport that rooted from freestyle the first thing people ask me when they find out I snowboard is usually “So do you do the big jumps and rails?” Typically my response is, “Of course, what do you think I am a skier?”.

Photo: snowboardermag.com

4. Presses

We all know the nose and tail presses are bad ass. It’s one of many things that puts the style in snowboarding far beyond what exists in skiing. It’s not hard to do either, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of style and make it their own.

Photo: snowboardermag.com

3. Comfortable boots

Some of the best boots out there are made by some of the best shoe companies. Vans and Nike just to name two who make super comfy, sick looking boots that out do anything on the ski boot market. At least the ski boot industry can laugh at themselves by creating the “Rear entry” style boots…


2. The Method

Sorry, but you can’t beat this one. There is no go to trick in skiing that has the potential to be at the level of the classic method. In fact, the method is so popular that the Winter X Games has a competition dedicated to it. It is one of the things that has stuck around in snowboarding and made snowboarding what it is today; all about style and fun.

1. Invention of Freestyle

You must have seen this one coming for number 1. Sure maybe you hopped off a cliff long before snowboarding, but skiing owes it all to snowboarding when it comes to creating what freestyle is today. There’s no denying it.

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  • Mark

    10) We just have to ski up and sit on the chairlift. We dont click out, unstrap, skate through the lift line, grabbing people for support along the way.

    9) We get to sit up and ski off the chairlift. There is no tumbling off, taking out innocent bystanders along the way. Then stopping to strap back in while sitting in the snow on your @ss.

    8) ‘Snowboarder Only’ resorts dont exist.

    7) If you somehow end up in the flats, you have these things called poles to help get you back to the hill. No walking necessary.

    6) Crosses are cooler than grabs (see Jonny Moseley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T4p6FZWVjo )

    5) On the 7th day God created moguls.

    4) You can ski anywhere on the mountain. For boarders, out-of-bounds ropes are like pulling the ‘do not pass go’ card in Monopoly. For skiers its like, OH $HIT I hope no one’s looking!

    3) Snow bunnies are hotter.

    2) No one gets pissed at you for skiing off the entire hill. When you get to the bottom there is still snow left for the next person behind you, not an avalanche of snow from your lack of skill, sitting at the bottom.

    1) Nothing is as good as the original.

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  • Erm...yeah

    This has to be the dimmest list I’ve ever read: superficial and out of date. Geez, witht he fatter skis we have nowdays, we can rip-up power, chowder, crud, ice and still turn and ride faster than you. Never mind the preponderance of park skis. Face it, you’re like the appendix, a useless evolutionary dead-end.

  • garret

    Skiing is better in a nutshell.
    1. Getting of the lift
    2. Crosses
    3. Ease of movement
    4. Greater control
    5. Skiing came first. It was used as transportation in the alps. It must be fast
    6. The number of good skiers is greater than good snowboarders. They just wreck the snow.

  • Joe

    snowboarding is cheaper, that is the only edge it has on skiing. For the price of a decent pair of ski boots you could buy a full set of decent snowboarding gear. Other than that snowboarders are slow and don’t go as big.

  • Crested Buttey

    I love the people that shit on park riding and rails. Just because your a poon and are too afraid to step to rails and park jumps doesnt mean you should be a vag and hate. Man up, grow a pair, and stop riding through the park all the time thinking about hitting something.

  • LCC Addict

    People are still having this argument? Seriously? Grow up. I snowboard, and I used to ski. I have been skateboarding most of my life, so snowboarding was the better fit for me. I have good friends who do both. It does not matter how you enjoy snow, it is your attitude while enjoying it. I have to say, for the record, I have met more douche bags on two planks than on one plank. Skiing gave snowboarding metal edges, snowboarding gave skiing shaped skis and wider boards. As a life long skater, I can say both sports in the realm of freestyle owe it to skateboarding IMO. I ride Snowbird, and there is some crazy traversing there, and I can do over 90% of the traverses that skiers can. So that argument is a wash. If you are claiming to be sick on the snow because you can traverse a flat, then you are doing it wrong! With the right structure in my base, and a good wax combo, I can keep up with anyone of my friends who skis. So that one is BS too. You claim Alta makes skiing cooler than snowboarding? Well, you Alta folk who ski 300 feet and have a picnic can have Alta. I just wish you would stop coming over to Mineral Basin and ruining all of our pow with your lack of skill. If you Alta people claim such expert traversing skills, how come every time I am heading out to the Bookends, one of you morons from Alta stop on the traverse blocking it for everyone that is behind you? Step up or get off the traverse!!! If you want a picnic, don’t do it on a traverse. I suggest you take Baldy Express back over to Alta and have all the picnics you want. I would rather ski or ride the Bird any day of the week. I would rather go to Brighton over Alta any day of the week. Even if they did allow snowboards on their lifts, I am never gonna give my money to a bunch of snow nazi’s like the ownership who runs Alta. Deer Valley? Who the hell wants to go there? The park next to my house in SLC has better terrain. It is not what you ride, but how you ride it.

  • TP

    are we really fuckking doing this, what are you guys 12? this is Unofficial not Twitter you lifeless motherfuckers!

  • BC Skier

    One word… Versatility. The only snowboards that are versatile as skis are split boards, snowboarders are going broke trying to turn their snowboards into skis. Both skiing and boarding are fun, all you haters are going to die early from stress

  • You might be ret@rded

    This is ridiculous but I’ll bite. I ski, quite proudly…especially with where skiing is today. I don’t really care how you get down the mountain (I have skiers and boarders in my group) as long as you’re not a deuche, charge and like ot have a good time. Let’s just state some (balanced) facts:

    1. Snowboarding has had a profound impact on skiing…parks, tricks, style, attitude and culture…so thank you! Skiers have taken the ball and run with it…and made it their own so let’s all move on
    2. Snowboarding equally “borrowed” from skateboarding, which in turn “borrowed” from surfing. Notice a trend…people see something cool and want to take parts of it and make it their own. Snowboarders borrowed more from these sports than skiing did from them
    3. Skiing has been around for thousands of years…probably the most original sport of the three. Maybe there has been times of ridiculous lame’ness…but it’s the original. Hard to debate…snowboarding probably would exist without it
    4. Spyder / Bogner wearing east coasters / yuppie resort gapers suck (we don’t like them either)
    5. Yes, some park skiers look ridiculous, wear way too baggy / tall clothes, have ridiculous poles and for some reason act gangsta. Both sports have their park rats…
    6. Whether you care or not about some of the advantages, skiing is more versatile, you can go faster, do more tricks (a lot to do with speed and having two planks), stomp better (sure some people backslap but that’s not the norm) etc.
    7. Skiers can yard sale and double eject…sure. But boarders grab edges and ruin themselves or sit on their asses in groups all over the mountain(yes, gapers I know)
    8. Backcountry access on skis is so much better (yes, snowboard tech has improved and it’s getting pretty good)
    9. Snowboarders riding pow / slashing looks sick and fun as hell. Skiers can’t quite do it the same…
    10. Ski tech has allowed skiers to ride, slarve, slash, float, butter etc. and have a sh!tload of fun on snow. Thanks again for some influence, but much is our own, and snowboarding has benefitted as well
    11. Hate on gapers from either side, we can all point them out all day, but good skiers and boarders look sick and have great style. Not sure how either side can deny that
    12. Both sides have their agro a-holes who think they are more ‘core, better than they actually are and feel the need to have attitude. They suck too
    13. East coast mountains suck 90% of the time on an absolute basis…and 100% time on a relative basis. If that’s all you got, claim it and have fun. I don’t mean to be an @ss but it is generally true. For the record, big bear / mountain high are far, far, far, far worse.
    14. Boots, snowboarders win. Ski boots have gotten much better…but no debate here
    15. I agree that it’s stupid any mountain wouldn’t allow snowboarders

    Dan above said it pretty well in terms of skiing being cool again and having some interesting momentum. Snowboarding is cool too…and guess what, they both can be, and should be. There is a common theme…everyone generalizes (you see what Idid there) and most of the jabs have a lot to do with each side’s resident gaper population. So why we care, other than to have a good laugh and be thankful we’re not like them. Why don’t all the agro people (see 11 above) relax and put more energy into having fun in the mountains insteady of demonstrating their napoleon complexes (short, not good at sports, small weiner…or all of the above?). Or worse…are you guys in fact Gapers…and bitter?

  • Parker

    This article would have been better with just the image from #2. Aside from that, it’s pretty much a tie, but that photo gives a massive advantage to snowboarding, no matter how you spin it.

  • billybobbins

    The 80s called – they want their pointless childish rivalry and smacktalk back.

    No one gives a fuck anymore.

  • brian

    amid this mayhem, id like to point out something out:

    if you cant do both, youre missing out on half the fun. try it. get equally good at both. they each have their days (sorry, but boards win in pow, period).

    snowboarding was invented by skiers. fat, twin tipped skis are clearly inspired by snowboarding. backcountry snowboarders use split boards. its all tied together here kids, stop showing that youre 14 years old by bitching and whining like a bunch of punk douchebags.

    cant we all just get along?

    also, the alta snowboarding guy up there made a solid point- skiing needs a travis rice.

    anyone remember the “2 planker… knuckle dragger” commercial from the mid 90s? i think it was for subaru or mountain dew or something

    • brian

      also i think we can all agree that a tall-tee wearing wanna be tough guy teenage douchebag park rat is the same no matter what equipment they use, and if you dont think its a 50-50 split at this point im not sure where youre skiing/riding

    • Anonymous

      why do people keep saying skiing needs a travis rice? we have tom wallisch… snowboarding could use him

  • LBG

    Man skiers are arrogant and macho……enough said. That’s the difference. We chill and have fun. We don’t constantly analyze everything we just shred. Yer all a bunch of butt hurt lil’ bitches. I used to ski and am so glad I switched. F off!


  • Chris

    #6 is nonsense. You say that it is lame that skiers go to Japan to ski the terrain but the terrain and snow is much different there than here. Snowboarders fly all the way there to ride mostly man made snow in the park on piles of snow that could have been made at ANY mountain in the northeast. Shows that it is just about the image of going to Japan.

    • BC Skier

      I conquer. If bowl riding gives you that much of an advantage, don’t waste your money to go to Japan, just buy a skateboard

  • Local Mounter

    I snowboard, but skiing has all the money in it. (with the exception of a few bigger lamer snowboard companies).

    at the end of the day we are only fighting with eachother. there is more anger btwn snowboarders and skiers than surfing at a new spot while locals belittle you.

    cant we all just…rage on?


    Simple – the ollie. Skiers lack a fluid, stylish way to jump over stuff. Both have their pros and cons, but the ablilty to ollie is a must for me.

  • alta snowboard team member

    props to those commenters who know what’s up, and I feel bad for those of you that still have your panties in a bunch over this issue. Both methods of enjoying mountains and snow have evolved because of each other, both have their pro’s and cons.
    I have equal love for my homies regardless of what’s on their feet and equal hate for people doing dumb shit in the back country or in the park.
    My skier homies do go bigger, faster, and can land/ride through sketchier shit like moguls, and some of it is simply because of the physics of having two independent objects and being oriented the way you are on skis. Skiing doesn’t have a Travis Rice, and ski boots do suck, but regardless of whats on your feet if you’re having fun you’re doing it right.
    Style is subjective, both sides are guilty of silly fashion, both sides have their share of rippers and beaters.
    Get over what’s on people’s feet, don’t go slow in the traverses and I’ll keep up with all my skier homies.. and fuck off to those who hold on to the attitudes that keep Deer Valley for Douche Bags and us off Alta’s lifts. And Mad River Glen, you can keep your icy moguls

  • shredzgnar

    Blargity blarg. Its about fun not whats cooler. Who cares what you ride as long as your having a good time with your friends boarder or skier. We all get along at timberline unfortunately meadows is still on this gaper issue.

  • Skiing=rollerblades

    Skiiers get so upset because they know they have terrible style. Claiming to land big drops when you backslap everytime doesnt count. Flailing your tiny cut off poles and tucking a knee up makes you look like the annoying chubby roller blade kid at the skatepark. And if you ride a snowboard and know what your doing you can get through a traverse with a little speed and technique, man up kids and learn how to use the mountain. Your other option is getting some trendy looking fat skis that are shaped exactly like a snowboard and you can try to pretend that its just as much fun. P.S.- Alta= all talk, place is over-rated. period. Mad River Glen, are you kidding? Some deuche from New Jersey runs that place and Magic Mountain has better terrain, better vibe and is so much more fun. Deer Valley…do some research….the Penske family? Nascar millionaires? Do you want to support those yuppies? Probably if your a skiier.

    • Andy

      That was the stupidest thing i have ever read. You’re just a snowboarder who thinks they’re hot shit.

  • yep

    Thanks Sade. My feelings exzactly. Why the HATE on fellow core enthusiasts? WE need to UNITE against the CORPRATIONS that want to STEAL the SOUL of mtn sports, not BICKER among ourselves.

  • dustin

    jesus you people get riled up easily. skiing and snowboarding are the same sport with different equipment, it’ all the same! the only differences are the ones you make up to seem cooler to everyone

  • Mortimenow

    Ffffffffff**k that. I’d stipulate yard sales and comfortable boots, but seriously…inventing freestyle?!? This should have been run past someone older than 30 before posting.

    No hating, it’s all fun.

  • Dan

    The boarders who suck dress cooler than the skiers who suck, you forgot that one.

    The funny thing is, many of the boarders who want to be cool are about as far from being rebelious as one could be. In a sense, skiing is now the sport for the individualists, while snowboarding is for those who follow the pack. If you doubt me, go to Snow Summit. I mean, is there anything more uncool than trying too hard to be cool?

    Truth be told, I think much of that has changed. It has become acceptable to be a skier again, so many of the people who want to be cool have come back. Skiing, maybe unfortunately, has become (somewhat) cool again. I liked it the other way, when we were outcasts and every image conscious skater/surfer boarded, and sucked at it.

    In real mountains, I never have people ask me why I ski, that is reserved for places that suck, and people who don’t spend time in steep terrain.

    The places where boarders vastly outnumber skiers tend to suck.

    Most of the people in either sport that don’t suck respect the other side.

    • joe

      Agreed. At a real mountain no one gives a shit. The only ones that care are the people who suck/gapers/people whos top priority is looking cool.

      That said, skiing has a clear advantage in its limitations. with very few exceptions, most snowboarders are not willing or able to get to some terrain that can easily be gotten on skis or worried about gettin stuck at the bottom.

      And skiers, if you’ve never felt what its like to make a turn on a board in some untracked pow…

  • polar

    it’s not the 90’s anymore, we don’t need to have the continuous dick measuring contest between the two “sports”, they’re both awesome

    PS you forgot to mention dudes dressing like chicks in snowboarding

    • hahhah yea ok

      no chicks dress likes dudes in snowboarding…unlesss ur shaun white with your sisters skinny jeans

  • Snowboards change the world of skiing

    If it wasn’t for snowboarders, you skiers would still be doing ballet in the Olympic. Snowboarding has changed the way skiers dress, what they ski (phat ski), and introduced parks to the mtn. (last one you gotta thank skateboarding). Skateboarding and snowboarding influenced skiing in a positive way. Just remember that skiers

    • Dan

      I agree, but skiing has helped boarding too. Skiers were the first to incorporate rocker, an innovation which is now making it’s way into snowboarding. In fact, Jeremy Jones credited Shane McConkey with being the one to introduce it.

      I’m really glad snowboarding came around, because skiing is much more for because of it. Both sports owe a nod to each other.

      Truth be told, most skiers should be happy to see boarders, as the difficulty of traversing on a board means easier access to pow stashes for the skiers.

  • Jon Pierson

    Those were 8 of the most retarded reasons I have ever heard… Method? You are saying a grab is one of your reasons snowboarding is better than skiing? Who ever made this list lacks creativity and common fucking sense! A skiers ability to access 50% more terrain than snowboarders trumps every one of your stupid ass reasons. And to the fucktard who said, “you can just unstrap…” You an idiot! Have you ever tried to unstrap and hike in over one or two feet of fresh? I have seen snowboarders attempt and all I do is laugh at them when I am traversing by their sorry asses! But all and all, it is cute that snowboarders have to make lists reassuring themselves that they are making the right decision by strapping themselves to one board… Keep doing it! I don’t want you ass clowns poaching my powder anyway!

  • pooner

    apparently some snowboarders actually care about being cool. so, if it’s that important to you to be cool. by all means, go for it.

    i’m not saying anything new, but both are a lot of fun and both have tool bags wrapped in expensive clothes. so if you feel the need to snowboard instead of ski, go for it.

  • helpnxt

    So my answer to this is a simple video where Mike Douglas should set all you snowboarders straight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMis19B7Nxk&feature=colike

    on side notes though number 6 is a skate park on snow so I don’t see how anyone can describe that as original, but will give you point 3 as I have constant issues with ski boots but I will never give up skiing for snowboarding (and I have tried boarding).

  • J-TRO

    Snowboarding introduced several desperately needed boosts to the mountain-gravity sports world (or whatever the hell you want to call it). However, clothing is something that I’ll always hold against them. Cotton bandanas across the face when it’s -5 degrees with wind chill. Gigantic t-shirts. Helmets that look like they were stolen from a AAA baseball team. I appreciate the baggier pants though.

    Also, yard sale crashes are one of the best things about skiing. When a skier crashes hard it looks like someone hit them with an RPG. When a snowboarder crashes it just looks like they got hit in the nuts in a game of dodgeball.

  • Dave

    I didn’t realize there were this many boarders on unofficial. The image point is just dumb because apparently your proud to be looked at as a park rat. If someone asked me of I did “big jumps and rails” I would say fuck no I’m not a dousche. Way less limitations with skiing especially when skiing backcountry. Plus most of us don’t dress in neon

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with the park rat comment. Also skiers do have obvious advantages when it comes to backcountry. However, with splitboards and recent advances in splitboarding technology the advantages to having skis in the backcountry are becoming smaller, or at least making it more feasible for snowboarders to keep up with skiers in the backcountry, although the transition from ski mode to ride mode can be abitch if its freakishly cold outside, trying to get everything to come apart and go back together with cold hands. Point is if you are shredding pow, and doing it well, doesn’t matter what you are riding.

  • sade

    presses is true, boarders have much easier/sicker presses

    but skiers can go way faster and bigger, can actually survive flats, and were sending big cliffs decades before the author and his super cool middle school peers were collecting burton posters

    they both have pros and cons and are both super sick, the only people who actually try to perpetuate the rivalry are gapers and gay little kids who listen to godsmack

    • sade

      ah, i forgot ollying! ill never not be jealous of you guys for the ease of ollying so high. you can do it on skis for sure, especially at speed, but yeah, that’s another thing you can put in the “pro” list for snowoboarders

  • seriously?

    You guys forgot:
    1. Traversing flats
    2. Going fast
    3. Sticking huge airs
    4. Mogules
    5. Alta
    6. Getting off chair lifts

    >> Snowboarding is only cooler if you are an Asian girl

    • Drag Knucks

      Numbers 2,3,4, and 6 on your list have nothing to do with snowboarding’s inherent drawbacks; only those of a snowboarding gaper. You’ve got us with the traversing thing (which, imho is the main reason Alta isn’t snowboard-feasible). However, you can take Alta, Deer Valley, and Mad River Glen and shove them up your elitist asses because we don’t want to ride there anyway.

      • Dan

        It’s easier to go fast on skis. The honest boarders know that. It is also probably easier to stick huge airs on skis.

        Skiing elitist? Maybe a long time ago, but not anymore. If you think you guys are rebels, well that ship sailed a very long time ago.

        Mad River and Alta are far from elitist, although for the record I would like to see those open to boarders.

        Skiers who didn’t quit in the 90’s are the real rebels. Those are the folks who just decided they were going to do what they wanted, and that they weren’t going to worry about what is cool.

      • Sam

        Snowboarding isn’t meant for going fast anyway, that’s no reason for saying skiing is better.

    • jdubx

      1. we can unstrap and walk
      2. we can go fast
      3. we don’t have the luxury of dragging our asses
      4. since when were moguls cool?
      5. traverse from snowbird
      6. you should stop riding that kiddie lift, because that’s the only place it happens

      snowboarding is still cooler.

      • LBG

        yeah have fun walking in your shitty boots man. Enjoy! : )

        hahahahahhaha traverse…….enjoy loser

      • do it switch

        Seriously compare open class male skiiers to open class male snowboarders racing down the same banzai course
        were talking 20 30 seconds slower for the snowboarder Its just the hard facts

    • Theriouthly

      1. Your number #1 is traversing? Shit, you’re right… skiing is way cooler. You can traverse flats! Bomber!
      2. Skiers totally swoosh and sway to the bottom of the hill faster. Make sure to hit up #4 on your way.
      3. You spelled back-slapping wrong.
      4. I bet you wish you could take this one back.
      5. Zzzzzzz
      6. Also, dropping ski poles, losing skis, and pole pushing to load.

      >>Skiing is only cooler if you’re mono-skiing

    • ghghvh

      1. Pain to gain
      2. Xavier DeLeRue
      3. The Art of Flight
      4. Wildstyle em’
      5. Who gives a shit?
      6. Not a snowboard problem.

    • Anonymous

      1. ;you all look like twits with ur light sabers
      2. The Duck walk
      3. tight pants
      4. Snowboarders look far better getting off chairs
      5. fruit boots

  • yebut

    yeah, most of that is right on the money. But you are comparing snowboarding to GAPERS!

    Everyone knows that spyder wearing gapers suck.

    Actually, can we please have another gaper ridicule post? It is southern season and there are more turon gapers down there than anywhere else on Earth, so it should be easy pickings.

    • F

      May be the south is full ofo gapers, but “the north” is so plenty of ignorants like you that never moved their asses beyond their front doors and believes they know some of the world.

      • Bret

        Please view.

        I love skiing and I love snowboarding. They both have their advantages. It is all about the time you have with your friends while you’re doing it. Gapers are just inexperienced. Both skiing and snowboarding has them.

        My preferences/opinions of which wins out. 24 years old with 22 years skiing experience and 11 years snowboarding experience.
        Alpine racing – Skiing
        Speed – Skiing
        Boarder Cross
        Powder – Snowboarding
        Freestyle/Park/Big mountain- Tie. They both push each other to become better.
        If you disagree. Remember I love both. See the following. Shawn White Foam Pit, Simon Dumont Cubed Pipe

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