If you still don't believe in Global Warming you can just close your eyes, plug your ears, and hum. But, even if you don't believe in it, here are the facts:



Global Warming hits Lake Tahoe


If you still don’t believe in Global Warming you can just close your eyes, plug your ears, and hum.  But, even if you don’t believe in it, here are the facts:

#1 – The nightly minimum temperatures recorded at Tahoe City have increased by more than 4 degrees F since 1910 from 28F to just over 32F.

#2 – Days when air temperatures averaged below freezing have generally decreased by 30 days per year since 1910. 

#3 – Since 1910, the percent of precipitation that fell in the form of snow decreased from 52 percent to 34 percent. 

#4 – Peak snow melt averages 2 1/2 weeks earlier than in the early 1960s. 

This information from:  UC Davis’ ‘State of the Lake Report’  (If you are interested in Lake Tahoe at all, check out this link.  Monthly & yearly percipitation avg.s, temp avg.s, & more)

Another major effect of Global Warming on the lake is the lake’s rising water temperature.  Warming of Tahoe’s water will likey lead to less frequent deep water mixing.  The mixing of the lake’s water is key to distributing oxygen throught the lake.  Without the mixing Tahoe will experience less cold-water native fish, more invasive species, and a general breakdown of Lake Tahoe’s food chain.  Lake Tahoe has already increased almost one full degree since 1970, from 41.7 degrees F to 42.6 degrees F.

Check out these impressively scary quotes from UC Davis scientist Geoffrey Schladow:

“Anoxia (oxygen depletion) occurs annually in most lakes and reservoirs in California in the summer. But Tahoe has always been special. It’s been above and beyond such things.”


“A permanently stratified Lake Tahoe becomes just like any other lake or pond. It is no longer this unique, effervescent jewel, the finest example of nature’s grandeur.”

A recent study done by Schladow and colleagues is predicting that Lake Tahoe could stop mixing entirely as early as the year 2019.  That’s less than 9 years away.


Luckily, there is tons you can do to fight climate change:

1 – Join an environmental group so you can gang up on politicians and educate people.  Try:  Environmentcalifornia.org, ProtectOurWinters.org and others.

2 – Do whatever you can to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in your own life.

3 – Offset your travel and lifestyle:  Ecoandina.org, Carbonfund.org.

4 – LEARN:  Noaa.gov: Global Warming – Seriously, read this one.  This is literally everything you need to know about Global warming.   NatGeo.com – This one is simple yet less informational.


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  • Tahoe Snowfall

    anyone every look at the sierra snow lab snowfall chart? there is zero downward trend. actually it’s been upward the last 5 years. the lowest snow years were the 1930’s. Um, maybe things like the oceans, the sun, volcanoes, etc. have more impact than a trace gas (CO2) that makes up only .04% of the earth’s atmosphere. By the way, it’s not a pollutant we exhale it and plants breathe it in. The earth would actually produce optimum levels of food if it were 2 degrees warmer. And look at some real facts. The latest release by the IPCC last years shows global temps level the past 15 years, and the oceans have gone down the past 3 years. Ever think about how you were all played the fool by the government? Your only argument is scientists say so it has to be fact. Um, who pays the grant money to the scientists? and who doesn’t get paid if they don’t show research the govt. want them to? There have been plenty of scientists that don’t believe like the founder of the weather channel Bill Gray, oh yeah, and the professor that taught Al Gore his theory. Bet you didn’t know that guy who started all this non-sense was discharged from the Navy and looking for govt. grant money and there was some available to reseach the release of CO2 by the ocean and its affect on air temperature near the ocean. It was never about humans. Al Gore took that man’s research and used to form political policy. Then Gore said he was seanile when the scientist said it was absurd to use his theory for govt. policy when it didn’t prove anything. And lastly, you do realize they are using computer climate models to forecast this bull which haven’t even closely verified to their big warming forecast over the past 15 years. You know about how well these computer models we are using to control policy and brain wash americans work. They are similar to the ones that try to predict a snowstorm for Tahoe 2 weeks out. How well is that working for you? So if you want to be a political robot and chant their slogans about climate change and spend more money for everything unnecessarily go ahead. But let the rest of us sane people live our lives without BS articles like this. I’ll still be skiing the same snowpack in 1950 in Tahoe I have the past 20 years. I can promise you that.


    Nothing sparks a good/mean debate like Global Warming. The earth is warming in places. That we have established and I’m willing to believe it. (even though there’s evidence that suggests some of the data is contaminated and that it might be cooling again) Regardless of that, Who’s to say it ‘s not natural and more to that point, who’s to say what is normal? We’ve been keeping records for how long? 150 years at the most? Enacting legislation that limits our liberties when we don’t even know if this is a bad thing or something we can stop seems a bit irrational. But that is pretty on par with the way people want to control other people’s lives and decisions using scare tactics. This is typical of a certain political party knowing what’s “best” for everyone else. In my opinion these people need a cause to feel important. I suggest that if you’re so concerned about it, you start riding your bike to the ski hill. I have no problem with that and it doesn’t force me to do what you think is best.

  • Anonymous

    People who don’t believe in global warming might as well be saying they don’t think they’re shoes will melt when they put them next to the camp fire to “warm up”. I think most of us know how that story goes.

  • Harry K

    I’m shocked by some of the comments above. Climate change is real. It is caused by humans. “Global Warming” is a term that should never have been used. I don’t know if Climate change is necessarily causing a poor winter in Tahoe this year. However, to think that all of the pollution humans pour into the atmosphere, ground, and water on the earth isn’t affecting anything is foolish. I don’t care personally. I’m never having kids, and I don’t plan on ever being an old person. I’m going out while pushing the limits doing something I love before nature ever has a chance to get me. The real problem is overpopulation, and anyone who has even 1 child will create a larger carbon footprint than I ever could on my own.

  • Ben

    Global warming isn’t the warming of the Earth. Its the irregular weather patterns that have happened this year. Like Snow in places where it doesn’t snow very much.

  • MD

    Everyone wants to point the finger at global warming when the fact is… EVERYONE is contributing to this acclaimed FACT, right? what kind of carbon footprint is left by 90% of tahoe skiers who commute from Sacramento and the coast? that’s some heavy mileage. I love lake tahoe, I love “green” but shit anyone who wants to talk better ditch they’re car, natural gas heaters, and pretty much every aspect of they’re non-renewable lifestyles.

  • Warren

    So last years record snow was just la nina, but now this years record low snow is “global warming?” It’s called climate change, dont act like scientists ya bro’s.

  • Helping Hand

    Maybe we should pollute more and help the Earth enter another Ice Age quicker. Then we wont have to worry about “Global Warming” for another couple of thousand of years….. Just an idea.

    Here is another, we could adapt China’s “one child policy” which is doing more to help the environment then every Prius on Earth combined.

    One more, we could ban hybrid vehicles whose rudimentary batteries do more harm to the environment then good. Then reduce the crazy amount of taxes put on diesel by both the state and federal government. Since diesel requires much less refining then gas it takes less energy to produce. Furthermore; diesel is 30% efficient then gas; therefor, hybrid like gas milage can be achieved without harmful batteries.

  • Matt Poppoff

    This one time, Earth used to be covered in glaciers!

    They had to melt somehow!

    And by the way, “Global Warming hits Lake Tahoe” is an oxymoron.

  • Marcos

    The creepers who complain about an article like this being posted are likely either shills (often with multiple identities who seek out articles like this) or the suckers that shills are paid to rev up. If they were not, they’d generally ignore such a story for lack of interest.
    And, given that they’re paid to foment distrust of the science, sew doubt among the public, and turn a science issue into a polarizing political issue, their tools tend towards insult and attack.

  • whyhate

    Is the earth slowly getting warmer from the ice age? Yes. Are we contributing to it? Probably. Should we try to stop polluting the earth regardless? It doesn’t take a genious to know that one.

    • JT

      OK. Watched. Now I challenge you to find just ONE climate scientist who denies that global climate change is occurring. Just one. Not a politician, pundit, journalist, or a “I’m not actually a climate scientist but I”m going to tell you what’s really happening” type guy. There are too many of those floating around already – and a brief internet primer on climate science is not a substitute for a 10 year PhD program…

      • CB Style

        Did you really watch? He did not say climate change is not occurring. It is. He is saying the models used to predict future change are greatly exaggerated. There are quite a few scientists that do not agree with what the IPCC is saying (they do not agree with CO2 forcing of climate change, which is where the argument truly is): J. Scott Armstrong, cofounder of the Journal of Forecasting and the International Journal of Forecasting, William Kininmonth, former head of climate research at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric sciences, MIT, Burt Rutan, aerospace engineer, designer of Voyager and SpaceShipOne, Nir Shaviv, professor of astrophysics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Henk Tennekes, former director, Royal Dutch Meteorological Service, Antoninio Zichichi, president of the World Federation of Scientists, Geneva.

        BTW, are you JT Holmes?

      • Barry

        There is no doubt the Earth’s climate is changing. That is a fact. The Earth is going through it’s natural processes that it has been going through since its creation. We are in between ice ages on our way to another. That is a fact. Global Warming however has been taking WAY out of proportion to the point it is ludicrous. Where is Al Gore now? He had his glory moment and convinced millions of idiots to believe him.

  • squawsome

    uhhh don’t you guys remember last year!? When we had like 12 ft of snow and it kept snowing until June? And the years before that have been great years too! I don’t think this is global warming effecting us this year.

    • Sadie Magnifico

      When talking in terms of climate change (not necessarily climate warming, but in this case apparently so) we look at the numbers in a long-term scale, not on a year to year or month to month basis (that is called weather). Yes, last year was a remarkably high-precipitation year over much of the west, which does not fit with the over all trend over the last 100 years for the Tahoe area, as the results from the climate study at UC Davis show. And this year is probably an unusually low-precipitation and warmer year than the general trending averages. Yet, the results of the study do not lie, when including all high and low snow years, both exceptionally warm and exceptionally cold, we can see that the trend for temperature in the Tahoe area is warming.

  • Colin

    Hey Miles,

    Even before I read the comments, I was thinking you guys should have Grant critique the statistics cited in the article. The problem with looking at stats since 1910 (or even since the railroad starting keeping track of weather/snow in the late 1860s), is that it’s a very limited sample size.

    I’d love to have Grant give us some context. It might help to quell the morons. Or it might not–given that you’re just re-posting stats from reputable guys at UCD, with a small amount of editorializing.

    To the haters: there’s a reason that ski areas and other big industry players are supporting efforts to combat climate change, and it’s not just for marketing purposes. Every weather and precipitation model for the Sierra Nevada later this century, and even out 10-20 years, is depressing as shit from a snowfall standpoint. Every. Single. One. I look at these things as part of my profession. It stands to reason (and data) that we’re already seeing some effects from a warming climate, long-term weather and climate variations notwithstanding.

    TL;DR Version- Climate change is extremely relevant to Tahoe skiing, so take a hike.

  • Deez Nutz

    Yep Barry…this site (and all of its content) is all about you. YOU are the center of our world. In fact, I’d bet that you are the “center of the world” wherever you go, huh?

    Self-centered much?

    GFY Douche!

    • Barry1

      Deez Nutz,
      Are we having a bad? Do you have to attack someone’s character over the internet without even knowing who they are or what they do in order to fill a void in your life? Simply expressing my personal use of this site as gathering information on skiing is that so self-centered? Wait, this is a ski news website correct? Im sorry you are having a bad day; however, I, since it is all about me, am glad you were able to find a minute or two of joy in your witty attack. Have a great weekend!

      • pan8agod

        Hey berry in case you haven’t noticed climate change does affect skiing thats why this article is on here. When the climate warms it means less snow and less days skiing.

  • goodgrief

    Come visit us in sandpoint idaho we have great snow as always and a lower per capita of scientist!

  • diesel

    If you think about it…. The earth has been warming ever since the ICE AGE. It had to have warmed in order to get rid of all the ICE. This warming trend has been happening for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Now i guess the question is whether or not humans are contributing to this warming trend.

    • Enrique

      No, the argument is what should we do about it? If you live a sustainable as possible life, you will be doing your part at almost no expense to you.

  • JScott

    All of us could decrease our carbon footprint but that does not change the fact that there are 7 billion people on this planet. Will be 8 billion in 10 years… are we causing global warming or are we just coming out of an ice age? Doesn’t matter because in the end Mother Nature bats last.

  • Barry

    I come to this site to read about what is going on in our great sport! Not some half assed bullshit about naturally accruing trends in weather. Just because you do not have something awesome to write about does not mean you have to write a piece like this. Keep to skiing your good at telling us about that, and let MSNBC tell us stuff like this they are really good at that.

    • S. Bono

      UnofficialNetworks.com is a contemporary website that covers the ski and snowboard industry with an unrelenting twist towards reality and locality. We tell the truth from a local’s point of view. We inform our users what is actually going on in their locale, not simply what’s officially reported. We echo and amplify what is being said on the chairlifts and barstools and deliver that information to our viewers via organic articles, photos, & videos.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Stopped reading at this: Days when air temperatures averaged below freezing have generally decreased by 30 days per year since 1910.

    • Miles Clark

      okay, ok, I see that that could have been written differently, but you guys know exactly what I’m trying to say and that there clearly aren’t [(2012-1910) x 30] days per year where the temps are higher now.

  • True Stoke

    Two other great sites are 350.org, and http://www.avaaz.org/

    If enough people change the way they think, and act, we can change the global consciousness entirely. Anyone who has not accepted global warming, climate change, irreversible ecological destruction causing a chain of events that we can”t predict, is living in denial.

    If this were propaganda, why are so many scientists backing it? Why would scientists break down in tears in Bali 2007 climate change conference upon hearing their governments backpedal on regulations?

    Politicians, the elite and powerful, and corporations, are selling our countries out while we sleep. Wake up.

  • Kyle Phillips


    Wake up you hippies, this is liberal propaganda to take down the oil companies because they make “too much money”. Good luck trying to fill your car to go skiing after you put out of business some fine american companies with this cockamamie turd crap.

      • Matt

        I read Unofficial Networks for interesting ski articles, not for ‘science’… and where was this article last year when winter conditions were excellent?

    • KM

      Kyle, nowhere in this short article is “oil” mentioned or a political stance suggested. Weather and lake data are presented. These data don’t require an advanced degree to understand and an analysis doesn’t rely on many assumptions (i.e. not arm-waving). The fact is that the lake and weather are changing. I think Miles sums that up succinctly there.

      These slow changes will affect the lifestyles of future generations. Oh, and “too much money” is at stake.

    • Me

      You’re right dude! You don’t really hear too much about global warming anymore. IT WAS A FAD! But, there are plenty of wacky liberals around who love the idea of it and having something to cry about. If we find better ways to fuel things and whatever, thats great… Tahoe has a wacky season, and out comes the silly global warming talk. Everybody just chill.

      • IDIOTS

        You “wacky Republicans” are the funny ones for denying FACTS. This article doesn’t question whether man has anything to do with climate change, it doesn’t mention job loss or fuel, it simply shows data. Why are facts so hard to understand?

      • Me

        This whole thing is a non issue. Its been a strange year in Tahoe. So what. Have you seen the snow reports comin in from Baker (everywhere in the NW actually), Jackson, or Alyeska!?! I CAN understand those “facts”. But thats a very small snapshot of history. Thats 100 years. Now stop being such a tool.

      • hello

        The heavy snows in the NW are due to a VERY warm La Nina. This is the very same reason why Tahoe is very poor this year. There is reason for Lake Tahoe to worry because a warming La Nina is actually what is predicted by climate change models, warmer oceans lead to more moisture content in the air which leads to heavy rains and snowfalls. The driver of where this water lands is the global weather patterns such as the jet stream and el nino/la nina. This of course says nothing about natural v anthropogenic causes.

      • FU*^%$#IDIOT!

        Your ignorance amazes me. First, this article has nothing to do with snowfall this year, and snowfall in other areas has no relevance in this conversation. Try to figure that out. Second, there are countless articles on related issues everyday. If 100 years isn’t enough history, maybe this article posted on time.com today will be satisfactory, since it discusses the last 300 million years. However I won’t be surprised if you find a way to ignore or dismiss facts again, since people like you are good at that. Now you stop being such a tool, and take a few easy measures suggested at the bottom of the above article. http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/2012/03/02/sea-changes-ocean-acidification-is-worse-than-its-been-for-300-million-years/?hpt=hp_c2

      • To the angry person calling me FU!@#$$%IDIOT ^^

        That article is a bunch of drivle! You’ll believe anything a “scientist” says huh?Talking about a mud layer that was “traced back”?! HAHA They didn’t bother explaining how they were able to do that. Give me a break! Thats crap science. Those aren’t facts dude! Science is supposed to be based on observations. Why would anyone think the earth is billions of years old?!! I’ll tell you why… because thats the only way evolution could make sense. Thats right, I’m a creationist. That makes you furious doesn’t it? You’re probably having convulsions right now. Did you know that Darwin denied his own theory before he died? Alot of that is crap! Its not based on anything. We’ve got tons of people living life thinking they are primates! Darwin said the key to his theory would be discovery of many, many (millions upon millions) transitional forms. Guess what there aren’t any! HAHA this conversation is funny.

      • YEEE

        YAY FOR JESUS and his dad creating the earth 6000 years ago how could we cause a global problem like warming we cant harm gods creations its perfection…..

    • TBAG

      As much as everyone wants to dislike Kyle for starting off a discussion with a dick punch, the global warming (and cooling) thing has gone on for billions of earth years. Various events have triggered the earth to cool or warm throughout the life of this super cool planet. We have lost thousands of creatures through these cycles even before I pulled my car into the gas pump. We all have to believe that the emissions from our cars must have some effect on the environment, but the earth, like all living things, knows how to deal with minor issues like the human plague… If you believe that we will outlast the earth, think again… while you’re thinking, figure out a way to find planets that we can relocate to that have winters all year long! Any one know Mork’s cell number?

      • livesintahoe

        Look at the correlation between greenhouse gases and the industrial revolution. As soon as we had our industrial boom, greenhouse gases shot up. Carbon holds heat, causing temperatures to rise. Science, yo

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