Drunk guy nearly walks into a bear.
Drunk guy nearly walks into a bear.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California – Some of us ski bums are pretty brave people. I mean, to sleep, eat, and get drunk in a mountain town, where bears, moose, and elk might be wandering free, that takes some serious guts. This guy, wandering outside his hotel while quite intoxicated, had a rather spooky experience with a black bear in the South Lake Tahoe area. I’m not sure who was more startled, the guy or the bear.

The delay between the guy walking up to the bear and the camera man’s reaction is pretty funny. You can tell he’s just trying to comprehend what’s going on and working on what to say. I think ‘bear, bear, bear, bear’ works quite well, though.

I manage a Ski Lodge (Hotel) in South Lake Tahoe on the Stateline between California and Nevada. After midnight, I was filming a big brown bear digging through our garbage, and our intoxicated guest walked right next to it. He was shaken up for hours after the incident.

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