Jaan Roost crosses from mainland Italy to Sicily on a slackline.
Jaan Roost crosses from mainland Italy to Sicily on a slackline.

ITALY – Red Bull often appears to be an action sports company that makes an energy drink on the side. In their latest side quest, they helped slackline athlete Jaan Roose set up and cross the world’s longest slackline, crossing 3.6km (~2.2 miles) from mainland Italy to Sicily while 200 meters up in the air.

Jaan did surpass the previous world record, 2,710m, while crossing. But, because he fell just a few meters before the finish, it appears that it won’t be counted as a new world record. It’s still insane, though. The entire crossing took him just under three hours. Fortunately Red Bull already released some chopped up edits of the crossing, so you don’t have to watch the entire thing without getting a good idea of what happened.

Congrats to Jaan on the crossing. I can’t imagine the strength and skill required to walk on a slackline for nearly 3 hours, and that’s before considering the heat, lack of rehydration, and wind at 200 meters. Insanely impressive.

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