Solo trail runner grizzly encounter @ Glacier National Park
Solo trail runner grizzly encounter @ Glacier National Park

United States Air Force 12th Training Squadron flight commander Capt. Ilma Vallee was out for a solo trail run in Glacier National Park when noticed bear sign on her way up the mountain. Grizzly bears are common in Glacier, so she remained alert to their presence but continued on her run until she had to slam on the breaks when she stumbled up a momma grizzly and her three cubs. The footage doesn’t do justice to how close Capt. Vallee came from colliding with the bear (she got with in 3 feet).

The grizzly growled and advanced on her before meandering off. Capt. Vallee kept an eye on the grizzly and the grizzly kept an eye on her until she decide “nope I’m outta here” and took off in the opposite direction.


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While in National Park Services it is strictly prohibited to intentionally approach, view, or engage in any activity within 100 yards of bears. Obviously Capt. Vallee didn’t intentionally get within 3 feet of a grizzly, so in instances where you surprise a bear like her’s, the NPS advises you should slowly and calmly back away while avoiding direct eye contact — the bear may see this as an aggressive or challenging behavior. Slowly and calmly speak to the bear, wave your arms to let the bear know you are a human. Pick up any small children or pets immediately. Watch the bear as you leave the area.

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