Zion National Park ranger message to hikers with speakers.
Zion National Park ranger message to hikers with speakers.

This one goes out to all those inconsiderate idiots who think blaring music in our National Parks is a victimless crime. Cheers to this ranger at Zion National Park who is being celebrated on social media for her succinct message to visitors who hike around the pristine environments of national parks pumping their tunes through bluetooth speakers. The message is simple “NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR MUSIC.” If you must listen to music our recommendation is to wear headphones but ideally you should simply enjoy the natural soundscapes offered by our country’s most beautiful places.

While I couldn’t find any official National Park Service regulations on hiking with speakers, there is NPS Soundscape Management Policy that dictates:

“The Service will take action to prevent or minimize all noise that, through frequency, magnitude, or duration, adversely affects the natural soundscape or other park resources or values, or that exceeds levels that have been identified as being acceptable to, or appropriate for, visitor uses at the sites being monitored.”

Here’s the story folks, lets be considerate of wildlife and other visitors while enjoying our National Parks, just leave the speakers at home.

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