Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah — The addition of a remote avalanche control system on Mt. Superior means that outdoor enthusiasts won’t be able to access the peak for months.

Yesterday, the Utah Department of Transportation announced on social media that they will close Mt. Superior to the public beginning on July 8th. Beginning this month, UDOT will install 16 remote avalanche control system (RACS) towers on Mt. Superior. This means that the hiking trails and climbing routes in this construction area on Mt. Superior will be closed through October. In addition, Mt. Superior is a popular backcountry skiing spot, as it’s the last spot to find snow during the summertime in the Beehive State. With this closure, skiers will also blocked off as well.

This new method has a few benefits. In prior seasons, they’ve used P-Ridge Howitzers, which were shot over the town of Alta and its buildings. Ultimately, a remote avalanche control system increases efficiency and safety.

Some people aren’t thrilled with the news and learning about it on such short notice. Here are some of the most reasonable, well-thought-out comments:

  • “Should probably rename it Mt Wyssen cause it definitely won’t be Superior anymore.”
  • “Who wants to go straight monkey wrench gang? This is the worst news of the summer.”
  • “Now we just need a gondola drop off up there.”
  • “Great. Now the liberals are taking the howitzer away from us too😔.”
  • “Why don’t we just groom Superior at this point??”
  • “I’m still doing superior bruh what they gonna do send the construction workers to arrest me 💀💀”

I think the addition of remote avalanche control systems on Superior is a good move, as this is one of the critical avalanche points that can lead to road closures on SR-210. However, they’re installing many towers, so I get the backcountry skier’s perspective here that it’s overkill and will tarnish the skiing experience.

Image/Video Credits: Andrew Meehan, Utah Department of Transportation

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