Biking on a wave.

The snow bike is a plague to the ski resorts (if you ask me). Bikes belong on gravel, dirt, and pavement, not snow. And yet it continues, potentially growing past snow, into the waves… Okay, this water bike that the Sickos crew takes onto some gnarly waves is actually a vintage wetbike, so probably not something that we’ll see on the beaches of California anytime soon. But it’s still pretty sick.

As a pretty big fan of jet skis, this wetbike looks like an absolute blast. Is it potentially dangerous? Probably, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the strong urge to give it a shot. Also, if you don’t watch the Sickos crew ever, now’s the time to start. They take the crappy vlog style videos and make them actually good, showing a deep respect for every sport the try out. These dudes are pretty seriously hardcore, and they’re just a general blast to watch.

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