The LEITNER LeitPilot gondola automation.

Automation in the work force is an always growing factor. No matter what industry or what jobs, there’s probably someone trying to automate it, like it or not. LEITNER’s new LeitPilot autonomous gondola operation has the potential to bring more automation onto the ski resorts.

Experience the future of gondola lift technology, with LEITNER’s innovative response to operators needs. As pioneers in the field, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, offering our customers unprecedented opportunities for improved operation and safety.

The LeitPilot definitely seems more useful with commuter gondolas than it does with resort gondolas. Video monitoring, physical limiting doors, emergency stop switches, and LIDAR monitoring reduce the staff necessary to monitor the safety of the lift, and their improved cabin guides make for a more comfortable overall experience. So while the gondola could be staffed just by someone in a security office in commuter situations, staff would certainly still be required on a ski resort.

People don’t know how to put their skis and snowboards into a gondola, even if they’re just meant to load them in. And, frankly, people don’t know how to organize themselves into groups of 6 or 8, and they certainly don’t know how to wait for their turn. So while the LeitPilot could make the safety aspect of a ski resort’s gondola easier to manage with less staff, there would likely still need to be some staff creating the groups, managing the lines, and helping people on and off the lift. That, or resorts would be seriously damaging their customer experience.

The LEITNER LeitPilot gondola automation.

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