Eight individuals were rescued from the waters of Chatfield State Park.

LITTLETON, Colorado – A total of eight individuals were rescued in Chatfield State Park on Thursday around 7:00 P.M., after high winds left them stranded on the water. According to South Metro Fire Rescue, SMFR, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and West Metro Fire Rescue all responded to the scene.

South Metro Fire Rescue received a call for assistance at approximately 7:07 P.M., alerting them to four paddle boarders who had been pushed by high winds into a stand of cottonwood trees south of the Jamison Parking area. The group’s dive team deployed a raft and were able to rescue all four with no injuries.

As that rescue was ongoing, at around 7:40 P.M., another call came in about two paddle boarders and their two dogs who were unable to reach the shore. A civilian boat with two other passengers was able to pick up the paddle boarders and their pets, however, and all appeared well for the time being.

Unfortunately, around 8 P.M., the civilian boat capsized while making its way to the north boat ramp. Colorado Parks and Wildlife responded with a ranger boat, successfully rescuing the four individuals and the two dogs. One individual was evaluated by fire medics, but declined further medical attention.

In total, all eight individuals and their canine companions were safely rescued from the waters of Chatfield State Park, with no reported injuries. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of wearing life vests during water activities and staying vigilant of sudden weather changes.

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