A day in the lift of a bike patroller.

We all know and love ski patrollers. We’ve grown up around them, rode the lift with them, had great conversations with them, and received some much needed help from them. But with the explosion of lift-assisted mountain bike parks, the bike patroller has become more and more common throughout the summer. Like ski patrollers, they’re committed to helping people, making sure they can enjoy the sport they love the most, and keeping the fun alive in a safe manner. Follow a Big White bike patroller through a day in their life, from open to close on the mountain and on their bikes.

Follow along on a day in the life of Bike Big White’s dedicated bike patrol team, presented by POC. From the crack of dawn, watch as they gear up and hit the mountain, ensuring the safety and security of recreating guests. Learn about the unique challenges and rewards of patrolling on two wheels, and gain a deeper appreciation for the vital role bike patrol play in maintaining the highest safety standards at one of British Columbia’s most technical bike parks. It’s an inside look at a day filled with adventure, service, and dedication.

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