Tiffindell Ski Resort.

SOUTH AFRICA – South Africa’s only ski resort is up for sale, having closed its doors 2020 due to Covid restrictions. Tiffindell Ski Resort has posted a for-sale update to its website, asking those wishing for more sales information to contact Chris Stevens at 082 783 4920.

Tiffindell is not just a ski resort. It is a glorious mountain retreat. Skiing and snowboarding in winter; great hikes, 4×4 tracks, fishing and more in summer. Unfortunately, Tiffindell was closed due to COVID, and is now for sale. For sales information, contact Chris Stevens 082 783 4920

According to capetownetc, inconsistent snowfall, in addition to the Covid restrictions, lead to the end of Tiffindell. CEO of Chris Stevens Real Estate and an apparent long time supporter of the resort, Chris Stevens, is handling the sale of the property. In 2014, the resort was voted as CNN Travel’s 19th ‘World’s Best Ski Runs’.

While Tiffindell is South Africa’s only ski resort, the nearby county of Lesotho has Afriski Mountain Resort, which does continue to operate. Lesotho is a small kingdom in southern Africa, entirely encircled by South Africa.

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