James Hetfield gets skis by PUSU.
James Hetfield gets skis by PUSU.

Finnish heavy-metal cello trio Apocalyptica started their career with a Metallica tribute album, so it seems fit that they gifted Metallica frontman James Hetfield a pair of their custom skis made in collaboration with PUSU. The skis “bring two Finnish premium brands together” and they look sick. Not sure if Hetfield is a skier but they would definitely make a great wall piece:

About Loska Apocalyptica Skis:

This ski has been created in collaboration with Apocalyptica, a band founded in 1993 that has sold more than 4.5 million records worldwide. Loska Apocalyptica is based on the award-winning PUSU Loska model, with a smoked oak surface and Apocalyptica logos. As a detail of the handle, the northern kelo tree reminds us of interiority and unyieldingness. This bike combines extreme performance with impressive looks. The cooperation is based on the shared values ​​of PUSU and Apocalyptica, naturalness, carefully composed design and conveying great emotions.

“We wanted to bring two Finnish premium brands together. Gorgeous wood materials and golden Apocalyptica graphics create a distinctive calculator, in a way that respects nature. These skis play beautifully.” – Paavo Lötjönen, Apocalyptica


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