Owen Leeper skis across a backcountry lake.

OURAY, Colorado – Leave it up to Owen Leeper to find a gorgeous lake in the mountains around Ouray, Colorado, just to ski across it like that’s the only thing it’s good for. Also, just the fact that it’s a pretty crusty looking spring line and yet he somehow skis it like it’s perfect mid-winter snow.

The water looks pretty frigid (it also looks incredibly crisp. I imagine a glass of that would taste like heaven). Actually, having just been pond skimming on Arapahoe Basin’s Lake Reveal, I can tell you with a lot of confidence that it is frigid (though your ski boots act like a wet suit, so your feet warm up pretty quick).

Yet he shows no fear of falling in, and he willingly gets in the frigid water, just sitting down for an extended period of time. Professional skiers really are on a different level.

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