World's first "Open Air" gondola opening in France.
World's first "Open Air" gondola opening in France.

Its a problem across the ski industry, once the snow melts the money stops rolling in. Ski resorts are always looking for fresh ideas to encourage summer tourism and we think La Plagne in France came up with a winning solution. Starting on July 14th the world’s first open air gondola will start whisking guests to the summit where they can hike around and grab lunch. Passengers on the AÉROLIVE are tethered in and will have excellent photo opportunities unimpeded by walls and windows (the resort suggests you tie your phone on). Not sure if liability issues would make this mode of summer ski resort attraction a non-starter stateside but it seems like a no brainer to use existing infrastructure with the addition of some specialized gondolas to bring in the tourists:

Step aboard AÉROLIVE for a moment suspended, while marvelling at the immensity of the glaciers. AÉROLIVE is La Plagne’s exclusive new experience, the only one of its kind in the world. From this summer, treat yourself to a sensational aerial ascent on the Glaciers gondola.

Are you ready? All aboard for Live 3000!

Two cable cars, named “L’ACROBATE” (Acrobat) and “LA FUNAMBULE,” (Tightrope walker) replace the classic cable cars to take the daring among you to the summit. Open to the elements, they’ll transport you to the heart of the mountains while offering you an exceptional unobstructed panoramic view.

Photography enthusiasts: don’t forget your phones and cameras (but tie them on 😉) .

At the summit, join the Live 3000 experience: take a stroll, have a picnic, take a break at the Sixième Ciel café or simply enjoy the view.

  • Opening on July 14, 2024, subject to favorable conditions
  • Departure from Roche de Mio, arrival at Live3000 instead of departure from Roche de Mio at 2.739m, arrival at 3.080m
  • Experience duration: 30 minutes including briefing and cabin ride
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Minimum height: 1.40 mPrice: €49 per person

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