Corgis partake in the GoPro Mountain Games.

The GoPro Mountain Games at Vail looked like an absolute blast, but it may have been more fun for the dogs. They had biking pups, rafting pups, climbing pups, slack-lining pups, mud run pups, kayaking pups, and so much more, all thanks to a whole bunch of skilled athlete owners. Plus, throughout the whole 4-day weekend, 24 dogs were adopted from Eagle County Animal Shelter + Services. If that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

“Who says GoPro Athletes can’t have four legs? With a little help from their owners + competing athletes, these adventurous pups experienced everything that the GoPro Mountain Games has to offer. Their weekends were full of adventures, from river rafting to mountain biking with the beautiful Vail, Colorado as the backdrop. Another highlight of the weekend? 24 dogs were adopted from Eagle County Animal Shelter + Services.”

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