The DJI Avata, introduced in 2022.

UNITED STATES – At this point, DJI is almost synonymous with action sports. Few other drone companies are selling anything even remotely even in quality to DJI’s best, so if you want those gnarly overhead shots of you skiing/snowboarding/climbing/whatever, DJI is almost the only place to go without building your own (and even that won’t compare). But DJI’s massive market share in the United States may be coming to a dramatic end.

DJI Banned Video Explanation

Buried in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) lies the Countering CCP Drones Act, introduced by New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik. The bill aims to target concerns surrounding the Chinese state-owned businesses’ 6% hold in DJI’s stock. Some fear this provides the Chinese government with a backdoor into the drones, some believe it allows them to use the drones for surveillance in the United States, and some believe the success of DJI just strengthens the Chinese economy.

The United States House of Representatives passed the bill on Friday, June 14. While the bill would not prohibit the use of already owned DJI drones and products, it would prevent further sales from the company in the U.S.

According to the AP, some supporters, like Representative John Moolenaar (R-MI), believe that the bill will create a more robust and competitive drone industry in the United States. Opponents think it will harm the consumer, limiting options and raising prices, all while damaging industries and businesses that already rely on DJI drones (agriculture, construction, search and rescue, etc).

With the bill passing in the House, the Senate will vote on the bill next. If it passes there, it will wind up on the President’s desk. If all parties approve the bill, a transition period will likely be included, possibly lasting three years or more.

The DJI Avata, introduced in 2022

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