Mount Everest base camp. Credit: Mari Partyka on Unsplash

NEPAL – After 55 days of labor, the Nepalese army says that it’s removed 11 metric tonnes (~12.1 US Tons), four corpses, and one skeleton Mount Everest, Nuptse, and Lhotse mountains.

According to BBC, this is the fifth year that the Nepalese military has removed garbage from the mountains, beginning the program in 2019. Since its start, 119 metric tonnes (~131.2 US Tons) of trash, 14 human bodies, and multiple skeletons have been removed.

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The Nepalese government has required climbers on Everest to wear tracking devices and carry out their own feces this year, aiming to reduce the amount of garbage on the mountain and make body recoveries/rescues significantly easier. Additionally, the government intends to create mountain rangers team with a focus on garbage reduction.

Only 421 permits were issued to climbers on Everest this year (not counting guides), down from 478 last year. Eight climbers died or went missing on the mountain this year, down from 19 last year. It’s believed that there is more than 50 metric tonnes (~55 US Tons) of garbage and over 200 bodies littered around the world’s tallest peak.

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