Two hikers were injured in a bear attack at Waterton Lakes National Park (125 miles south of Calgary) prompting closures in the park. Parks Canada reports the hikers were scrambling up Ruby Ridge from Crandell Lake on Tuesday at about 2 p.m. when they encountered the bear.

“The bear charged the pair and both individuals were injured in the attack. Bear spray was deployed and the bear disengaged, allowing the pair to leave the area.”

The pair were able to hike out and were taken by ambulance to a hospital. They are reported to be in stable condition. Officials have not yet located the bear involved in the attack and it has not been established if it was a grizzly bear or a black bear. Parks Canada has closed several trails and camping areas near the attack site.

Parks Canada has issued an area closure for Crandell Lake and area (see map). A serious incident involving a bear has occurred in this area. This closure is in effect until further notice.

The closure includes:

Crandell Lake trail, all sections

Lineham trail

Crandell Lake backcountry campground

Former Crandell Mountain campground area

Canyon Church Camp area

Adjacent backcountry areas including Crandell Mountain and Ruby Ridge

Bear’s Hump is open.

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