Cleaning Little Cottonwood Canyon Credit: Snowbird via Twitter

LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON, Utah – Tuesday, June 11, for the 43rd year, employees and residents with Alta Ski Area and Snowbird took to SR-210 through Little Cottonwood Canyon to pickup trash and take care of the canyon they love so much.

Thanks to all of the LCC employees and Town of Alta residents who weren’t afraid to get a little dirty to keep this canyon clean.” – Alta

Thanks, neighbor 🫶 We had a great day in the canyon with you.” -Snowbird

Residents of the town of Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon, employees of Snowbird and Alta, and the Utah Department of Transportation all banded together for the cleanup. This should be taken as an example of how ski areas and the people who benefit from them should be treating the land they get to use! Huge props to both resorts and the residents of the area for getting down and dirty on Tuesday for the benefit of so many people.

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