Burning Man ski resort
Burning Man ski resort

Congratulations to folks at the BRC Snow Club who have successfully reached their crowd funding goals for a return of the Lake Lahontan Ski Resort. We first covered this story last May when the Burning Man ski art installation was still just an idea and we are happy to report it was successfully constructed and burners had a blast sending the 14 foot tall, 62 foot long dry ski slope in The Black Rock Desert. There was some wear and tear on the ramp and thanks to generous donations on Kickstarter, they raised enough to repair damage from 2023 and bring the slope back to the Playa!

“The first year with the slope was a wild success, with hundreds of participants shredding our hill – many of whom actually brought their own equipment and gear with them to the middle of the desert! We learned valuable lessons about the build and construction of the slope, and we’re working on improvements and repairs for 2024!”

If you’re headed to Burning Man in August, consider bringing your skis or board and saying hello to the folks at BRC Snow Club.

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