14-year-old Arisa True lands the first female 900 on a skateboard.

14-year-old Australian skateboarder Arisa Trew became the first female to land a 900-degree spin, prompting serious praise from the skateboarding world.


My first 900!! A dream come true ❤️‍🔥🌪️ @Vans

♬ original sound – Arisa Trew

The legendary Tony Hawk first landed the trick in the 1999 XGames, marking the first time anyone had done it. Hawk posted Trew’s clip to his own Instagram, congradulating the athlete on the accomplishment.

Arisa Trew just became the first female to land a 900. Glass ceilings are so 2023. Congrats @arisa_trew! 🛹🌀🏆 (vert skating is not [yet] in the Olympics btw)” – Tony Hawk

The comparison between the two attempts feels pretty darn similar. Huge congrats to Arisa Trew on this incredible achievement. Very few will accomplish anything this impressive throughout their entire life.

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