Westcastle Valley, Canada— The first-ever high-speed quad in the Canadian Rockies is heading to one of the country’s most underrated mountains.

In December, Castle Mountain Resort announced that it had acquired Banff Sunshine Village’s old Angel Express. The CBC reports that the high-speed quad chairlift will be delivered to Castle this summer but isn’t expected to be installed until 2025.

Banff Sunshine Village will replace the Angel Express with a detachable high-speed six-pack bubble chairlift with heated seats this summer. The chairlift is expected to open in November of this year.

This will be Castle Mountain Resort’s first high-speed chairlift. At Banff Sunshine Village, the Angel Express had a vertical rise of 1,244 feet (379 meters) and a ride time of around five minutes.

In terms of where this lift is going, that hasn’t been officially announced by the ski resort. However, Cole Fawcett, who’s the spokesperson for Castle, did drop a hint of where it could be situated in an interview with the CBC:

“It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 20 years since we’ve opened a new lift at Castle and an appreciable new tranche of terrain. But yeah, that will soon become our reality once again.”

If you’re wondering where it could go, here’s the 2017 master development plan, which shows the planned new lifts in the coming decades. The quote makes it seem like this won’t be a chairlift replacement. Considering that the new terrain was mentioned in the quote above, perhaps it could be the Haig One chair, which would be situated near the Huckleberry Chair.

Once Angel arrives at Castle Mountain this summer, they’ll need to determine what parts of the chairlift need upgrades, as detachable chairlifts don’t age like fine wine compared to fixed-grip. Here’s what Cole Fawcett said about what they expect when the Angel Express arrives:

It’s not a plug-and-play type scenario…Angel is quite old there, there’s no question. But it’s a really solid lift. We’re optimistic that it’ll be a good machine for Castle for years to come.”

Before its installation, they’ll need approval from the government. When they get through those bureaucratic hurdles, they aim to install the lift in the summer of 2025.

Image Credits: Castle Mountain Resort, Banff Sunshine Village

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