Arizona black bear attack victim
Arizona black bear attack victim

“It was thanks to the quick reaction by his brother and his family that they were able to distract the bear from what very easily in a matter of seconds could have turned into a real tragedy there.” –Arizona Game & Fish Department Law Enforcement Supervisor Shawn Wagner

A 15-year-old boy is recovering after getting attacked by a black bear that entered a home through an open door an Arizona mountain community near the New Mexico state line.

CBS5 reports the boy, identified as Brigham Hawkins, was attacked while he was alone watching television. He screamed for help and his family came to his aid and was able to distract the bear. Wildlife officials said the bear entered the home a second time before it fled.

The boy sustained wounds to his face and arm. He has started the rabies vaccine as a precaution but is expected to recover. Wildlife officers found and shot the bear. The agency said was believed to be about 3 years old and would be tested for disease by department specialists.

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