Skiing at Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse, British Columbia. This segment from Warren Miller’s “HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE” features one of North America’s largest ski resorts, and also the self-proclaimed “champagne powder capital of Canada.” And if you’ve been lucky enough to ski there, you probably wouldn’t disagree with that statement. But the real magic of Kicking Horse lies in its ski patrollers… they are the backbone of the mountain.

Staring out over the vast mountain expanses, with the rising sun glistening on the crystalline snow, makes for a significantly better “view from the office” than the typical cubicle, and these ski patrollers would choose that first option, any day. Professional big mountain skiers, Kaylin Richardson, Matt Elliott, and Marcus Caston, would also all have to agree with that conclusion, especially after this epic time spent ripping around KHMR.

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