Laguna Beach mansion with secret basement skateboard bowl.
Laguna Beach mansion with secret basement skateboard bowl.

It took 2 years after delivery to build the house around this basement skateboard bowl but man did it come out great. Here’s a quick video from the folks at OC Ramps detailing the project from pre-fab to skating final product.

“Our team had a incredible opportunity to build a bowl in a million dollar mansion. Let us take you step by step on how we made this bowl dream a reality. The customer wanted us to lower in the bowl corners using a crane into the basement of his unfinished build mansion. We unloaded all our material using a crane into the basement so he could finish the rest of the house. Once they finished building a majority of the house we came back to build the bowl.”


I’m proud to say that nearly 20 years of business, we are the world’s leader for skateboard ramp manufacturing. We’ve led the industry with innovation and quality products since day one. We now have an incredible professional team of skateboarders from all over the globe. We’ve built ramps and products for the largest companies in the world. Never did I dream that the skater kid from 1997, after all the rough trials of life, would be building my Dad’s inspired skate obstacles for companies like Google, Apple or Space X.

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